Why to do next?

First off, thanks to all the contributors in this section. I’m currently further in the game solo than I’ve ever been before and the challenge is fun but very manageable, even with some less than ideal pieces, and it’s because I’m standing in the shoulders of giants.
But on to the topic at hand…
And sorry about the wall of text and inconsistent formatting, I’m on mobile

I’m currently sitting at 57, and just starting the Bandit Slaughter for a new Hail. Story-wise, I’ve gotten through Control Core Angel
My current setup is as follows, and apologies for lack of specificity, just shut down my console for the night so going off memory :grin:
Sapping Kitten lvl 50 needs replacing badly, thus the Bandit run)

Binary thunderball fists lvl 54 not ideal prefix but gets the job done nicely

Purple Texas Bushwhack (I think) lvl 56 w 4 shot mag, but I can ride the trigger well enough to basically treat it like a single shot

Slag Rubi lvl 50 not well parted but I can only handle so much dashboard farming

Green shock nova shield ~lvl 55 honestly I don’t know how I’m making a mockery of rabid stalkers with this thing on, suffice my approaches aren’t as head on against Badasses as they could be wearing something with a bit more umph but the game hasn’t been kind in that regard, so it goes

Shock BoA 25% dm boost, 30% cool down my weakest bone by a margin that I got in my 4 hour midget farm over the past couple of days, when I finally got the damn thing I put it in and left
I was soooo tired of that run

Leg mechro com good acquisition from my bone farming, hoping a leg cat might come my way though

Longbow stormfront lvl 55 0 fuse my best equipment atm, also from the farm run. Utterly redonkulous, love love love this thing

Backup gear
Lvl 50 corrosive conf call probably not gonna be using this much anymore, but it’s still serviceable when stacked up

Bad touch lvl 56 just acquired from moxi as a just in case

Lvl 58 flakker can’t remember the prefix, waiting to use it when I level up

Fire and corrosive BoA for situational use

Lvl 55 longbow Quasar ~2.2 fuse situational, figure it might be nice to slap on if I get a nasty pack of something fast in the open

And that’s about it as far as what’s gonna be useful for me right now I think.

My plan was to finish the bandit slaughter, maybe go farm the snowman if I can’t get a shield that’s worth anything, perhaps pick up a lyuda, sandhawk, and pimp somewhere in there (since I’m running lower stacks I had been sniping on occasion, particularly against constructors and loader mobs)

Skillpoint wise, I’m thinking I’ll focus in on getting TBH maxed, dropping a point in upshot, then a couple in preshrunk but if i come across the leg cat respeccing to capitalize IO.

I’ve never run any of the seraph bosses, was thinking Pete might be a good start to try to get an o neg and build up to buy an antagonist at 72?

Anyway, thanks to those who have made it this far. Gaige is a lot of fun, and well worth learning her quirks.

Any advice on skill tweaks, gear to prioritize (and means to get it, I’m not above doing research but it helps if I get a nudge in the right direction), when to consider a reset, and what to expect going forward with regard to the style I’m leaning toward would be appreciated. I’ll build you all extra arms for high fives!

You pretty much have to keep doing what you’re doing so far, you look fine for the most part.

There are a few things I’d like to mention though:

  • I recomend specing out of close enough, it really dosen’t do anything for you without preshrunk.
  • with those points you can take 5/5 Cooking up trouble, for some awesome, but often underrated, health regen
  • you’re pretty much wasting that single point in S5G, I’d move that, and the spare point you’ll have from specing out of CE into Better Half, not only is the fire rate good, but it will get you to Upshot Robot (DT is awesome, UR is more DT, therefore UR is more awesome) and Unstopable Force (shield regen and MS? hell yeah!!) sooner. if you decide you must have those two NOW, you could drop a point from EB as well, you make it up later with IO.

I tend to favor small mag shotguns and Fibbers with Gaige so I don’t take The Better Half and more stacks means more damage so that’s why the points in Preshrunk Cyberpunk. I’d suggest getting that to 4/5 and then max out The Nth Degree for even more damage- after that it’s whatever other tree you want to fill…

Thanks for the reply.
I should have explained my reasoning for a few of the funky choices on my tree.
My leg mechro com is +5 all the way down
With that I figured dropping the single point in So5G for 6/5 is a good investment for the synergy with RR and MIS. I could see UR would provide more benefit overall though, as DT seems to be much better at killing than I recall from my 360 days.

I’ll admit I’ve never not played gauge without CE, I kinda view it as a poor man’s Reaper, and with a flimsy shield its a nice way to bank shots in on tougher enemies from but I’d be willing to give it a go.

Past builds I’ve run with gaige have always had CUT maxed, so I am missing some passive health regen but, even with the single point it’s at 6/5 with the mecro com. My survival at this point consists of chucking a Storm Front while holding the Kitten or Rubi and/or Discord, another powerful source of regen is always nice though.

Some good food for thought here, appreciate the insight.

I saw your post talking about the Nth Degree in one of the build threads, I am definitely wanting to give it a shot.

A barrel 2 fibber is on my wish list for sure, I think story wise I’ll be hitting the blight soon (next?) but I don’t remember if the quest for it unlocks before you’ve run through Sawtooth.

I’ll try this out as well, wondering what COM you prefer on this set up?

I can answer that (yaya something I know) - It opens before sawtooth, I get all my Eridium blight quests done prior to entering sawtooth, any extra levels really help me in Sawtooth, though in UHVM that doesn’t help :frowning:

So the biggest question I have with UHVM, is when do you want that static quest reward you cannot farm without resetting, struggle to 72 without, then get it at some OP level, or get it early, and not have it useful for OP levels.

I sat down for some refresh on UVHM before I started in so I know that a reset or two would likely be part of my run.
That having been said, I’m holding off on static rewards if I can help it with trade offs in mind.

Given the PITA I’ve read that it can be to farm up a good one, I may hold off on that until I’m starting in on OP levels.

Never run digistruct so I’m wanting to be armed to the teeth for that.


I am in a similar Cylical argument with myself

“If I get the item, I have to re-farm it for OP levels, If I don’t famr it and do OP levels without “X” quest rewards, do I actually need it? If I need it, I need it to get to OP8, but also then want/need it at OP8”

At that point my brain switched off and I start to drool

And that’s beside the point of “If I make it to OP8 then what? I am not doing a YouTube Channel, so its not like I need to do Content at OP8, so what’s the point of getting gear AFTER I make it to OP8, that’s the time to make a new character”

Oh, my head hurts again.

Haha, yeah I try to avoid looking too far into the existential rabbit hole.
For now at least, the journey is so exciting I’m not even really considering the destination.

And there’s a lot of content I never got through and/or wasn’t able to enjoy properly in group play (my only other UVHM run was at 61 cap with a nurse Maya in co-op)

Plus random spawns and loot make the game interesting even through multiple farming runs and playthroughs

I’d always intended to do a rest at OP8 so it didn’t bother me at all to get some of the static rewards at a lower level- since I run all 6 characters I just had half of them hold off til they hit the OP levels so they could pass along certain gear like DPUH’s and Antagonist shields…

I switch between the L. Mechromancer and L. Anarchist depending on the situation- I might even throw on the L. Roboteer for critter heavy areas (I say this because my build at 72 is slightly different that what you’re aiming for)…

Ok gurus of Gaige, I’ve made considerable progress and want to see about some feedback/advice about a few things.

Here’s the build I’m running:
It’s seems to work pretty well for mobbing and can handle regular bosses without much trouble with 200ish stacks or discord looping to tank through if I goof (don’t care for pre-stacking)
Spend a fair amount of time sniping actually; I was surprised to find I can plonk single shots with the pimp pretty well to ~200 stack range, and it works great as a big ass pistol close in.
Hail is preferred for closer fights, and the Fibber is good for mixed mobs, getting hits on baddies exploiting cover and getting hits on baddies while I use cover.
Pretty much keeping my L Catalyst on all the time since I found it. CE and MP are maybe where I think I’ll face some criticism but I like the additional proc chances.
just checked my pimp and it’s over 41% to electrocute and I use it a lot, figure it’s a good investment for that along with upping the efficacy of IO.
Tried running CUT rather than CE for a spell and found I just wasn’t getting as much mileage with my main weapons having larger clips, and there’s something to be said for being able to spray and pray with the Hail if I get in a rough patch, to say nothing of Fibber abuse.
I’ve gone through main story and all story DLC main quests in UVHM, but only Merc Day HH pack. Want to knock those out and go at some raid bosses, maybe now Gee or Hyperious yet but Pete, Terra, Son of Craw, and maybe dragons seem doable, along with giving the Peak a go.

on to gear (guns and shields all lvl 72):
Sapping Hail
Dahl grip and no acc aren’t doing anything for me but RNG was being stubborn so I finally caved on element alone.

NE Auto Correcting Ricochet Fibber
Mali grip but whatevs, it’s just supposed to throw lead all over and does it well. My siren is gonna farm up a shock one

Shock Banbury Pimpernel
Hyp grip and Vlad stock isn’t awesome but watching a mob go Electric Boogaloo off a nice Nth Degree proc makes me go all weak in the knees

Akurate Slagga
When I shoot in the general direction of things they turn purple and squishy.

Alt guns

Casual Swordsplosion
Useful for some mobbing and fun to have

Social Heartbreaker
Fleshy mobbing

Resolute Corrosive Kitten
Loader mobbing

Hyp Proactive Shock / Ted Quality Corrode Plasma Caster
My SMG pool doesn’t get drained much with Slagga so these are nice backups

The other things

Purple Anxious Turtle
946K cap, 53K recharge, 2.82 delay -150K HP hit
I’m a fan of this thing, until I make my way into a Blockade or Antagonist I’m not sure it’ll get more than incrementally better than this for general use aside from a flame or acid resistor turtle.

The Bee
Faster boss farming

Deadly Bloom
Fun but lack of explosive synergy limits it

Chain Lightning
I see to get better DOTs off this than the regular LB but I think that’s because I suck at aiming it :confused:

LB explosive trans 0.0 delay
When the hail and discord aren’t quite doing it

Shock BOA fire and corrosive too if needed
32% dmg buff, 38.8 cool down
Things every LBT Gaige loves

Leggy Cat
The card text is poorly formatted but it looks like 52% elemental damage buff

Bits and pieces
Social Bitch
I’ve been playing around with popping Dischord and trying to lay in on the crits with this, not designed to play well with Gaige but it’s fun sometimes

Leg mechro/roboteer/anarchist mods

Expeditious Thunderball Fists
Ted grip, just feel like I get a lot more out of the pimpernel for what this gun wants to do. Would be better for in close mobbing if I could find a decent transformer

Haven’t really used it much yet but I grabbed it for healthgating needs as I’m moving forward

For Pete
Which leads to my main questions going forward…

I tried to run invincible Pete with this mob suited build and actually didn’t fare as badly as I thought I would.
With the gear I’m wearing and a bit different build (mostly subbing some kill skill eg Fancy Math for BSS) am equipped to bring him down efficiently for seraph farming? Not so much looking for a blueprint to bring him down as just curious if my approach is reasonable

question two, provided I get him to spawn, how tough is OOO? Know I’ll be needing a twister for some of the stuff I want to be moving toward. I presume he’s not terrible as all the complaints I’ve seen only mention getting to show up as hard

And are there any readily available farmable/assigned drop pieces I need to take a look at aside from the aforementioned Transformer?

Thanks in advance and apologies if the formatting sucks, on mobile

Sure. If you want to wait for a shock Fibber from your Maya it’ll be quicker, esp. if you’re prepared to abuse the Bee, but on OP0 it doesn’t matter much. I don’t care much for that shield, but farming is farming.
In my experience the Leg. Anarchist works through him quicker than a Wired Zapper, so you might save yourself some farming time if you were looking for the latter.
I assume you already know that the Leg. Catalyst won’t help much. You can DOT him to death with a Storm and Storm Fronts replenished by a BBB, but it takes approximately forever.

(If you can live with your conscience, suicide by elevator resets him without robbing you of your stacks. I wouldn’t do it for that sad sack, but the option is there if you want to be efficient.)

OOO is harmless, just don’t shoot him in his twister phase. If you use the Dexi method to spawn him it’s…still a complete chore, but at least he’s almost guaranteed to turn up.

The Storm Front is a marvelous thing, I’d look for one. The Quasar is very nice as well, and with the recent fixes UBA varkids are quicker to evolve unless you want to hope for Tinder’s chest.
Apart from the Transformer you’ve mentioned, I’d also look for the Storm. It gets an anarchy boost to splash DOT as well as main ‘pellet’, so taken with a healthy dose of EB…well, just try it. Your Transformer farm isn’t far from a bunch of LLMs, may the RNG be with you :acmcry:

Everything looks fine to me- with just a bit of patience and luck you should be able to farm Pete enough times to get started on seraph crystal collecting. As far as back up gear maybe a Badaboom or Unkempt Harold? Good luck…:grin:

Thanks for the quick replies, glad I’m on the right track.
@cioran Quasar and Storm Front are both on my short wish list; had both on me in early UVHM from LLM runs and they helped considerably. I forgot they had assigned drops, I’ll spend some time in Tundra Express today. Storm would be lovely but it’s one of those things I’m hoping will just fall into my lap.

@Carlton_Slayer I don’t care much for launchers and I kinda feel like the Harold is cheesy, but it could serve a purpose…
Suppose it would be easy enough to farm up some tokens in the Brawl pre-stacking for Pete
Also thanks for the advice to give Nth Degree another look a while back, don’t know how I was running without it