Why trash can blows up like PS

when u open trash cans this blows up like non gravity borderlands pre sequel

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Not to be rude but why is this post worthy? The same thing happens with mail boxes

feels recycled

It is also a successful mechanic when there is no gravity, but this happens in Pandora.

You’re worried about something that is pointless to talk about.

This is how companies begin to slowly instill the famous “recycling”, and over time they begin to recycle maps, scenarios. etc.

now it seems harmless

Clearly the VH just opens things with gusto. There wasn’t really a need for trash cans to pop open in TPS. The low gravity wouldn’t do it unless the VH had the aforementioned gusto. And an atmospheric seal on a basic garbage can doesn’t make much sense.

That’s how it works, that’s how it’s always worked! - Katagawa


Now I have Katagawa’s voice in my head saying that. Thanks.


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Is it possible that you blow this out of proportions?

I m not denying that Gearbox might have recycled this. Laziness? release pressure? Only they will know. Borderlands 3 is proven to be a rushed product. Things like this dont even start to register to me really because of how unimportant it is when we worry about performance and balance issues. Its at best another (tiny) point on the “list”

Games these days are also rated on how much “new content” they deliver. If a game is just a reskinned copy of an older title thats usually mentioned and the rating reflects that. Its just that trash cans acting like in no-gravity TPS dont seem to be a concern that would affect ratings in any way…

If you are worried that this is a trend that will spiral out of control then yes…thats very possible but if that would be the case its still the consumers decision to support or punish it. Bad and copy-paste games usually dont sell very well. Either way thats a concern for the future when it actually happens.