Why use Blast Master when Green Monster exists?

Correct me if I’m wrong but the Green Monster has the same splash damage bonus as a Blast Master COM so why not just use GM for the extra damage in corrosion while also getting the splash damage bonus. Seems like the best of both worlds by taking GM

The green Monster does indeed have access to the same splash bonus. However its far more restricted, Green Monster resets the bonus with pretty much everything you do, so taking advantage of the bonus is really difficult. Blast Master by contrast is a breeze to maintain with most guns and has excellent skills to boot. RPM’s is the only top tier skill GM has, whereas all 3 of BM’s skills are great.

If you’re unfamiliar with how easily GM resets you can read about it here:


it’s gone as soon as you fire a second time

Yep what they said ^

I made an 100% IB build and maintained green monster max splash bonus by basically never using my weapons out of IB. I think that’s probably the best way to use green monster.

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I’m working through this right now. I’m playing with my Torgue Gunner, so she’s built for splash, and these are both fun COMs to use for their 100% splash damage boost. The nuances between the two if I understand this right (and thanks to @sammantixbb and @Prismatic for this research) is:

  • The Blast Master starts stacking damage immediately, where the Green Monster requires a single shot to start stacking. Easy enough.
  • The Green Monster has bonus corrosive damage (in addition to the splash damage).
  • The Blast Master resets on reload only (so if you can backfill your magazines, it’s easy to keep it going). The Green Monster resets on reload, but also resets with any subsequent trigger pull (and some other random things, I’m finding).

Therefore, the tradeoff can sort of be summarized as “Blast Master lets you fire your weapon while maintaining splash damage, where the Green Monster trades the ability to fire your weapon for bonus corrosive damage”.

If I forego firing my weapon with my Torgue Gunner to take advantage of the Green Monster damage, she can only apply the splash damage to grenades, shield AoE, slams (which is fine - there’s some fun combat there).

I think I’ll split them, and have my Vladof Gunner (built down the Bottomless Mags tree) use the Green Monster (since she can actually hold down the trigger with many guns and not sweat reloads to maintain max splash damage), where my Torgue Gunner can backfill her weapon slowly with Means of Destruction, allowing her to pop off occasional rounds without running her weapon dry (and an Ember’s Blaze, some slams, and some grenades will throw enough splash to do that, even at a max 10%).

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Wait, Ember’s Blaze counts as splash dmg? Does the Red Suit aura count as well?
I know that Red Suit’s aura can stack Fl4k Hunt Skills when paired w/ a Bount Hunter com. But that I didn’t know …

Yup. Auras are splash. At M0 tvhm, a fully decked out splash and fire Moze with an on level Ember’s Blaze and a Green Monster can literally kill enemies the second they enter the radius. It’s honestly ridiculous. It remain viable for a few M levels too

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Thanks for confirmation. Once Gbx fixes the melee, slam etc dmg I guess there’s some potential here. Rad stone Static charge + Green Monster + cryo hex + 1 in FitSD + Ember’s blaze could make for some fun, yet not meta, build. You literally can walk about the battlefield and aura kill effortlessly as you said. If anything does survive, kill it off with shock/rad/corrosive melee punch or the fire/cryo hex will … Sounds like fun to me.

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Lemme grab my old m4 hot drop clip

Yep! There’s some potential with all the interactions you guys found!
I just find it a funny idea to kill stuff with my mere presence. Reminds me of Wilhelm, albeit quite a bit stronger.

Yep, it’s pretty fun. :smiley: The Ember’s Blaze is far more effective I’ve found, especially against fleshy targets. With enough splash/AOE buffs going on, enemies can just insta-gib as soon as they hit the field. :slight_smile: My Moze always wears one now (and it stays active while in Iron Bear, creating that same death field around him while you can concentrate his weapons on more distant targets) unless I’m fighting a singular boss where the death field isn’t really viable (Wotan). (Oh, and it stays active while in normal vehicles too… can make completing “run over enemies” missions nearly impossible because they die before you can squish them heh.)

You can kind of think of those aura shields like nova shields, they essentially just fire off an invisible nova every second. Kind of like an always-on version of BL2’s Flame of the Firehawk without the constant visual nova explosions.

That shield would be godly with her: Fire dmg, splash dmg. Add in a little move speed via modifiers and Rushin Offensive for healing or … I just stumbled upon this kinda new interaction:

“When RO gained the ability to get Life Steal, a general Life Steal buff was also applied to the game. Now all damage the character throws at enemies, multipliers and all, is calculated in the health returned.”
So this could already work. It just needs some more love from Gbx to be viable on mid tier mayhem levels, I guess.

Yeah the Ember’s Blaze definitely starts falling off as you start going up the mayhem levels, but on vanilla it’s nuts. :slight_smile: You can clear a map just by casually strolling around and not firing a shot.

I’m new to Moze (Fl4k main) but I like some of the weirder stuff that’s going on with Moze.
I just saw a vid on YT that showed that the shock roll of the Lucky 7 also applies to the aura of the Blaze. So w/ a GM we could get fire, corrosive and shock on the aura.
With a static charge I could melee to get through the shields if need be.
I get that this is something for M0 or as @sammantixbb stated lower MH levels. But since I’m new to Moze, I don’t mind. Just getting to know her.

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From my friend’s perspective as I just murdered people by existing


That I like!

What’s this?

After the chat about the EB shield I went and searched for videos on it.
I found a rather old vid showcasing the shock roll on the Lucky 7 would apply to the aura.
Since I cannot test myself right now, I threw ot on here.

If this is still working and scaling it could be fun: fire, shock, corrosive (GM) aura at the same time. That’s what I love about BL3 games …

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Entering and exiting IB causes you to lose your “rolls” on the Lucky 7 now. Unsure if you lose them immediately or after exiting. That also means ASE anoints are worthless with Lucky 7 now too.