Why use Blast Master when Green Monster exists?

On second thought: what about the 300v2 anoint? It should apply as well making the first tick of the aura all the way deadlier, doesn’t it?

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaoh god. That’s…that’s just funny to think about.

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Seriously though, would that work? :man_shrugging:

On topic, in that video above, every time that guy shot after he rolled shock on the pistol reset his Green Monster stacks, no? Like to pull that off properly (once the gear is equipped) would be to fire the pistol one round at a time with reloads between until you rolled shock. Then give it a minute for the Green Monster stacks to pile up, and roll out?

As I think about it - spike damage should also get the Green Monster buff, no? In this mode (where I’m going to try to coast by with just this for damage), I’m going for all shield damage plus grenades.

Do certain action skills/regular skills get that splash buff without resetting it? Phasecast, Rakk Attack, Gamma Burst, Dopplebanger, etc.?