Why use Slagga when the Florentine exists?

Since the BL2 forums are cooling off a bit (3 year old game) I figure I get a discussion going about 2 of the most utility smg in the game.

Lurking on the Zer0 and Axton forums this year and I notice the Slagga make its appearance on a few of the gameplay videos. This is kind of a surprise to me since we are living in the world of Season Pass and Tiny Tina DLC…hence the Florentine…

There are many times I was temped to ask the OP why use Slagga when you have the Florentine? But at the risk of not being rude I just ignored it. So I will ask it here, Why use a Slagga over the Florentine unless it is a bandit allegiance build. Is there any unique situation the Slagga is better? Then what are they? I would like to know.

Personally, I love both. That said, I’ve always just kinda liked Slagga – the look, the feel, etc. When I look at the screens you posted above though, it also seems like, by and large, the stats on Slagga are better than on Florentine. Then again, you get two elements in one on Florentine.

My solution? Use both on my Zerker! ;D


I prefer the Florentine, but it’s a pain to get compared to the Slagga ( for new players ).

Each has it’s pluses and minuses and it depends on your game stage as well.

For all but the super experienced/lucky as hell players with a ton of crystals at their disposal, the Slagga is a more easily attainable choice. It is also available to those who choose not to purchase DLC’s ( strange I know, but they do exist and some of them are my online friends ).

Some folks are perfectly happy playing at level 50 until they die.

Slagga for pure slagging; it simply does the job faster and better. For general play though, especially against shielded enemies, you will get more use out of the Florentine. Florentine is easy to get if you farm an easy boss like Pete to get the crystals. Obviously you do need to be in a position to farm Pete in the first place, so the comment above still stands!

These are good examples of niche weapons - one of the many reasons the weapon system in this game is so good. There are so many guns to collect for each and every little different thing you wish to do!


I have used both and don’t really have a preference, but based upon the pictures you included the Slagga (Slag) has higher base damage, the accuracy loss is quite frankly negligible, the fire rate is higher, the magazine size is roughly double and the chance to Slag is also higher. Also, the ammo consumption per shot is less.

For SMGs and Pistols, I typically prefer the prefix that increases Bullet Speed to the prefix that increases Damage. So, I ended up farming the Flamerock Refuge Seraph vendor for my OP8 Impetuous Florentine (Slag / Shock) with a Maliwan grip and a Dahl stock. RNG was kind to me, and it only took about 45 minutes to get. I don’t use a Slagga (Slag) with my OP8 Siren but do use a Bulets Go Fasterified Slagga (Slag) with my lvl 72 Commando and Mecromancer.

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Personally I prefer the Florentine over the Slagga. There’s just something about the guns that have multiple elements in the same gun.

BL1 the Nemesis, Tsunami, and Chimera
BL2 the Florentine, Hive
TPS the Frostfire, and Thunderfire

I think the Hive is both acid and explosive but I could be wrong.

The Hive is only Corrosive. Also, it is a Maliwan weapon and IIRC Maliwan doesn’t make Explosive weapons in BL2.

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Huh… I always thought it was both. Thanks for correcting me.

In my case I prefer the Slagga, especially on Gaige. It just has better synergy with Close Enough and high Anarchy stacks. I actually can’t say anything for the other characters since I use a Slag Pimpernel for my Axton and my Maya is specced to both Scorn and Ruin

Okay, I can see the damage being cool in close quarters with the Slagga, notwithstanding the higher slag chance/ammo consumption. But I have to ask why seek damage on a slag weapon, slag grenade would be a different story.

Is the Slagga that preferable to a Slag/Shock combo where you can be accurate at range + slag the target + take out their shield, with 3X to shock by the way. The Florentine solves your shock/slag need in one.

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If I was only going to play with the very best weapons the game had to offer, I’d be using the dozen or so weapons listed in all the “Top Gear for x character” threads, and be ignoring everything else (which would drive me nuts personally - it seems so antithetical to play a game that prides itself on gear variety to limit myself to a few choice pieces).

Still, in answer to your question and if I was playing that game, the only situation in which I would consider using the Slagga over the Florentine is if I was running with SMGs only, in a place where I’m not sweating shields (so I don’t need the shock element). Plasma Casters chew through ammo fast, and if my other three slots are all drinking from that pool, the Slagga leaves more ammo behind for the other weapons. There’s also a projectile speed difference, but the situations are even more rare where that difference is a deal breaker.

Don’t get me wrong, they are both good. I am trying to sniff out a scenario why the Slagga would be objectively preferable.

The answer provide by @x1x1x1x2 is a good example.


i like the slagga because it slags faster, has more ammo effecincy and a bigger mag. with the Florentine I find I am reloading a lot and I find that when I use it in combination with another SMG (say the tattler or sand hawk), I tend to find myself with less ammo than using a slagga.

Slagga does a better job and you dont need to be as accurate to hit enemies. I like the florentine as well. But the slagga is my go to slag weapon.

They’re two very diferent guns, even if both of them are sometimes used for the same thing. I honestly prefer the Slagga if I’m using it just for slagging, as I feel it’s more efficient in speed, slag chance, ammo consumption and magazine size. It’s right there in the gun’s name, it’s a slagger. It was actually designed for that purpose.


Personally, I prefer the Slagga, but I have to say that the Florentine does by far better in any mid-to-far-range-szenario. But as Krieg-player, moving in close-range permanently, the Slagga does the trick for me. And my Maya doesn’t even need any slag-weapon at all!
Only exception is if i want to play Maya without Ruin. In that case, i use the Florentine.

I have tried using various slag weapons and none are better for applying slag than the Slagga. It is an insta-purple and thus in my opinion better for firefights with many enemies. When you’re taking fire, the slagga is the best option for dropping cover for a quick second to spray purple drink down range at a group of enemies, chuck a nade and then return to cover.

The Florentine cannot accomplish a mass slagging the way the slagga does. However, it is much more efficient at sustaining slag and DPS on single enemies with high health.


slag&swap>slag&flap from my point of view.

Why to use the Slagga: Florentine is an overrated piece of trash.

Elaborating a bit - outside of bosses, raids and some ulti-badasses shield-stripping is largely irrelevant, it does not have enough damage to justify it being used as a primary, it’s worse than a Slagga and Pimpernel at slagging and finally, it makes you a scrub if you use it.


Why to use the Slagga: Because why NOT have several options and choices unlike boring video games that have few?

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