Why Vaughn don't use weapons to help us fend off COV's during mission angels and speed demon?

sorry is this may seem a bit late to discuss if ya want to, but it just cross my mind since this game released. I tried to google it but doesn’t seem anyone into it, maybe it just me.

anyway, yeah my nitpick with this BL3 aside from Ava, urghh… so yah Vaughn, an interesting character from TFTB which I enjoyed a lot. I noticed how Vaughn’s personality kinda changed… a bit, might say a bit of that pandora craziness of his new life style but, more importantly why the hell Vaughn didn’t use guns/ weapons during our time with him? in angel & speed demon mission, he didn’t help us and other NPCs fend off COV’s, only cheering and helpful when you are down. But, still its bothering me that in BL3 trailer I see Vaughn wielding guns gunzerker style happy shooting moment, ingame it’s kinda disappointing to see him not taking action or anything really. heck even on a mission where you go to COV’s strong base he wasn’t there, that’s lame gearbox !!! even that brat Ava was there lol

like I said just a nitpick of mine really, nothing major.

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He’s deflecting bullets with his abs.

Personally I’d wish he’d fall off and then go under the wheels



and then you could back over him twice.


You beat me to it!! :smile:

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That would just strengthen his core.


Great point, I didn’t even realize, lol.

Another thing that bothered me is he had no interactions at all with Rhys. Considering their history I thought that was odd.

if they paint him as a one note initially and then flesh him out, it’d do the franchise well, given that TFTBL isn’t for sale anymore.

But they’ve squandered his character so far, unless they have a flashback DLC for him.

They grew apart, Rhys probably doesn’t embrace bandit life the way Vaughn does also they do meet up in the credit images. Vaughn has dialog concerning Rhys