Why was Diamond rating removed from Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion?

Originally when running AatTR, I was able to earn Diamond medals for getting a high enough score on the op. I assumed that this was intentional and a prelude to bringing back Diamond medals for the rest of the missions (as they confirmed they intend to do), but it seems that Gearbox went the same route they did with the missions and removed the ability to earn Diamond medals shortly after release.

Now, even when earning scores higher than what got me Diamond, I’ll get Gold (as you can see by my recent completion of Hardcore below).

I was kind of looking forward to getting full Diamond for this op. Was it not intended for us to be able to earn Diamond in the first place?

It’s possible the requirement for hardcore is higher, or that it’s not strictly related to score.

I’ve seen people with a higher normal mode score than that but no platinum for instance.

This is because they removed the ability to earn it shortly after the release. We long speculated that there were other factors for earning Diamond besides scores, but those were debunked months ago (it was a score threshold like any other rating, increased shortly after release to an unattainable level).

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Also, dem credits tho. @wisecarver

“Times completed: 2”

What on earth is that times completed tracking tho :sweat_smile:

It’s Shane and Aurox stats page.

Oh… Well uh… I can read I swear!