Why was Homeworld so great?

I’ve read pretty much everything here and in other forums about what was changed in Homeworld 2 and the Remastered versions. People making suggestions about ships and stats and balance and all of that… I just want to stick my oar in for the best game in my collection -

What made Homeworld so great was the story and the actors. I can put up with the graphics (although there are many mods to spruce them up) and the effort to get it to run on a modern machine because the story is what pulled me and countless others into the universe of Homeworld. The story in HW2 never really pulled me in.

Also, the manuals, the booklets, the care with how they were made and the fleshing out of information was just superb. They all contributed to the story and the universe.

I’m all one for mechanics and balance and pretty bloom & particle effects, but that’s just eye candy, and we’ve all had a lot of eye candy by now. HW was story; I lived that story. That story is why, 22 years later, I’m reinstalling Homeworld (maybe 2) although I bought the Remastered bundle.

I hope that people at BBI or GBX (which have some of the Old Guard on staff) will understand this old game and what made it so great and put that knowledge and care into the forthcoming Homeworld 3.

Tell us a story. Make us care. I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.



Judging by their latest in game trailer I’m confident that Homeworld 3 will return back to the roots and be more like Homeworld1 used to be. Confirmed Projectile based physics just being the tip of the Ice berg.

While I’m not the biggest fan thus far regarding their latest ship designs they are still rather good looking but it’s once again a drastic step from Kushan designs to HW2 vessels and now apparently once more some major differences. Some of these designs like the Carrier almost look like a futuristic version of a Taiidan Carrier. But be it as it is.

I just hope we will get to see and fight plenty of new and old factions and also get the chance to uncover many ancients mysteries and secrets of the universe. That’s one of the things I liked most about Homeworld 1 and Catacylsm. The Galaxy felt ancient with many wonders to explore and you and your people just being an insignificant drop of the ocean compared to the vastness of time and space in the Homeworld Galaxy.

It would be amazing if we get to see the Bentusi again in one of these other galaxies where ever the gates may lead to. That way they could also turn Cataclysm canon 'cause in that game most of the Bentusi fled to another galaxy to escape the Beast. It was never clear to me why Bentus was the last of their ships in HW2 if they never acknowledged Cataclysm as being Canon. At least in the upcoming Homeworld Mobile game we may choose to play as Kiith Somtaaw.

I’m very much looking forward to all these massive structures and megaliths and how it’ll affect the gameplay and what story they got in store for us. Seeing that this will be utilizing the Unreal Engine I could imagine that modding will become easier than ever before that also includes the creation of custom Mission scenarios. I just hope they will provide all the basic assets for the Unreal Engine Editor.

“That’s one of the things I liked most about Homeworld 1 and Catacylsm. The Galaxy felt ancient with many wonders to explore and you and your people just being an insignificant drop of the ocean”

Yes, this is what I was on about. 22 years later, between movies and games and television shows, I’m only mildly impressed by eye-popping visuals. If they aren’t in service to the story, I don’t care what the resolution is or how the FX are.

Let’s hope the guys at Blackbird, with OG developers from the first HW understand why the Remastered fell flat and can weave their storytelling magic again - I’ll buy that in a second; eye candy will take a backseat.

BTW… I thought it was going to be using Unity? Now it’s Unreal? Things move fast lol.

No. They are indeed building it upon the Unreal 4 Engine. Thank god I might add.

Unreal Engine 4

We built on the foundation of Homeworld Remastered, meaning the engineering team took the simulation layer from Homeworld Remastered and bootstrapped it onto Unreal Engine 4 to take advantage of that engine’s presentation and rendering power.

The remastered Edition sold well but I believe it fell flat 'cause HW1 was slapped onto Homeworld 2. And these 2 games were totally different. Did you know that HW1 in it’s original form by itself had like several 100 additional audio files for all sorts of of Craft and even little ambient audio clips for example when the mothership came under attack or a harvester docked it would play an alert sound. That and projectile weapon behavior and ofc. an entire different game style and flow. HW2 in it’s original Form pretty much lacked Formations and Support Corvettes, Frigates all together. In Rm the hastily implemented support vessels are still problematic and so are the only partially working formations.

But the 2.0 Patch also killed off the Homeworld Modding Community rather quickly again as they yet again changed entire things regarding the models and it’s file structure etc. which killed off many mods that were under development as it meant that these modders had to restart from scratch once more. It were requested features by the community but also at the same time it’s down fall for RM.

Lets hope Black Bird / Gearbox does it right from the beginning this time around.

"But the 2.0 Patch also killed off the Homeworld Modding Community rather quickly again as they yet again changed entire things regarding the models and it’s file structure etc. "

… and that’s exactly why I’ve gone to the trouble of reinstalling HW & HW2 from disks this week, as well as tracking down my stash of mods from various places, including my own backups.

There are a couple that work on Steam that I’m using to “audition” them and decide if I want them (I’m a bit more selective this time around). The FX:Galaxy and FX:Commander mods are fabulous. The graphics are equal to anything Gearbox did; I have yet to get deeper into gameplay, but seeing that gave me hope.

Two mods didn’t work & I saw forum chatter about them and other broken mods, but… unless you went through the merry-go-round the first time (1999 > about 2005,6) you don’t know the pain a badly-configured mod could do to your whole HW install, which is what I’ll be doing with the original two games. We get so much more storage for pennies now, it’s nothing to copy the whole game directory & regs as a backup.

I’m a Romantic; I want to hope good things from BBI, seeing as many of the original crew are there, but game studios these days, you never know :confused:

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I strongly recommend you to play the Homeworld Universe mod for HW2 Classic. It added all major factions of the Homeworld games fully playable and with AI support.

3 separate Turanic Raider factions each with their unique ships and shipyards, motherships.
Kushan, Somtaaw, Hiigarans, new Kushan looking faction.
Beast, Taiidan, Beast Evolution that plays during HW2 timeline.
2 separate Kadeshi factions.
Tobari a HW2 concept art species and so much more. At times I even liked it more than Homeworld FX from the Art style and by it’s content.