Why Was Incursion Queue Removed On PC?

So, if I understand correctly, as of now, PC just has two queues - Chaos Rumble and FaceOff.

Incursion has been removed.

Does anyone have any idea why they did this?

Is it because Incursion maps can be gotten in Chaos Rumble and they didn’t want to overly stretch the player base between 3 queues?

Because they had a low player base

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Hmh, interesting. Must be because of the low PC playerbase. Shrink the options to funnel more people into what’s left.

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Split your small base in 3 queue wasnt benefical, so they mixed them all into quick match.

Both teams can contestar for their mode and play faster.

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Actually makes sense.

Thanks, guys.

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^ This. All of the game modes except Face-Off were folded into Quick Match. If we ever get out numbers back up, we’ll probably have our old queues back.

It’s back now.

Face-Off is in Chaos Rumble, so based on this (and other) feedback, I’ll trade it back for Incursion.