Why was the Maggie nerfed so hard?

Offline it is hands down my favorite gun, but it doesn’t feel like it is vastly more powerful than anything else in the game. It takes somewhere around a 50% nerf online, which I find odd because purple mashers still do a considerable amount more. Did GB state anywhere why they put such a harsh nerf to that specific gun? I get it with the eridian shotguns they killed, those were pretty powerful compared to everything but my Maggie has 1 more pellet that my mashers, and half the damage. What gives?


Did some quick maths and see that it took a 61% nerf. What in the actual f$&k Gearbox?


People keep saying it’s not intentional and they gotta fix it in the hard coding (like an update). It’s probably using a part that got fixed but when they fixed that part they didn’t realize it would tank the maggie so now they gotta give it a different part or something.

Not just Mashers, most purple Jacobs pistols do more damage then it. I don’t get it either.

Cause gearbox dont want us to have fun in the game they want to turn it into a grind fest hence why the lyuda and hellwalker are also going to be getting smacked with the nerf bat soon they want us to use different guns to “promote build diversity” problem is pretty much all the other lego guns are absolutely garbage minus a couple of them not going to mention them cause gearbox might hear and nerf them too

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Of all the unusual theories I’ve read recently, this is the one causing me most confusion. My understanding is that they don’t want the game to be too easy. They are also probably going to buff other legendaries to make them more appealing. I think they want us to have harder and more meaningful choices to make other than Lyuda, Hex, Butcher.


Yeh but the easier way to do that is to make the other legos more viable but atm theres just so much hot garbage hence why people go to the good ones ie the butcher lyuda hex. Like a few of the legendarys shouldnt be so should just be in there own catagory like a rainbow or somthing for just being a gimmick/nod to another game like the superball then you have the straight up impractical ones like bear cat and killo wisp elons flamethrower only viable in certain circumstances. There are a few good ones that dont perform as well as the meta ones like rebel yell lasersploder trevonator n such but i think its a deeper issue then just nerfing the good guns to bring them all to even cause even then people will just either find another broken gun and the cycle continues or just continue useing what they already have provided they dont nerf them too hard and make them garbage. Just think maby some of the terribad guns need a buff not the good guns need a nerf

I agree.

I have confirmation they are looking at the maggie. Nothing more than that but its being looked at.

From what I know, Maggie always had a damage penalty compared to base Mashers, and when the Masher nerf came through with a day 1 patch that somehow stacked unfavourably.

The maggie does also have higher DPS because of the mag size but IMO they over corrected the damage penalty for having a larger mag.

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I agree with this.

It’s supposed a legendary for a reason. It gets 1 extra pellet and larger mag size than most mashers, but the base damage takes a giant hit, as well as the accuracy getting severe penalty (my purp is 50-something, my maggie is 33). I haven’t done the math, and I probably won’t, but I feel like the DPS of the Mag compared to a good purple masher, is probably not significant.

My Mag has a dmg of 200x6 right now. A couple nights ago, my game loaded without the hotfix patches and it was playing as if in “offline” mode and the dmg boosted up to like 550x6. THAT was awesome. Thats a slight dmg boost over some of the more powerful purple mashers I’ve seen in my game and on these forums. Slight dmg boost plus the larger mag size and the accuracy penalty…thats perfect. It’s balanced and etc.

They should have left it alone.

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Yeah in bl2 they had many “overcorrectoins” on damage for the bonus feature that ruined guns.

Volcano was the perfect example splash went from 50% to 80% but they lowered the base damage so a snider ended up doing more damage because crits are more important than splash.

Hopefully they are realizing this and fix it. I think seeing the data that people are using mashers over the maggie means they will fix it.

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I hope you’re right, and if any of you mods have connections to people at GB who will listen…now is the time to use it! :slight_smile:

Noelle already said she made sure its on the list to look at, I made a video about it and many have been vocal.

It’s been heard, its on the list, but there are many guns on the list.

So we just have to wait.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad they brought them(mashers) back. They were my gun of choice in BL1, and I was extremely pissy that they were missing in BL2. LOL

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I would add to that, not only they brought them back but damn did they do Jakobs right.

Some things came back and were not great, these feel powerful like they were in bl1.

I just wish you could get an unforgivn masher…



Dude, my Mordecai with Jakobs Gunfighter Class mod with +4 to Gun Crazy and my Unforgiven Masher is my favorite thing ever.

Speaking of Gun Crazy… thats a skill I miss the most. It’d be awesome if they made a relic that did that. 1 free extra trigger pull chance per shot.

Is that like two fang?

Yes, but the extra trigger pull is free. Two Fang in BL2 just fired your gun twice and removed the ammo from the mag accordingly. In BL3 it doesn’t cost ammo, but only adds an extra pellet, and not a trigger pull.

In BL1 only worked with pistols though ( In 2 and 3 the skill applies to all guns). But, when combined with a Masher, it was devastating. And when they released the Loyalty mods in the Knoxx DLC, the Jakobs Gunfghter had that as a boosted skill. So with 5+4 you got a 72% chance of it activating per shot. Synergize that with the multi pellet Masher and you got that ole nasty nasty

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