Why was the quick-switch menu from past games removed?

In past BL games, you could hold Triangle (or the console equivalent) to bring up a quick-switch menu for your equipped guns, which I know was redundant since you could just press the D-pad to switch directly. Now that the D-pad has its own functions (pinging, mission-switching, and alt-fire switching), the quick-switch would actually be useful in this game instead of having to tap Triangle to cycle through your slots, but instead it’s gone. Why?

I know the option to switch weapons with the D-pad is still there, but you lose the pinging and mission-switch, plus alt-fire is moved to holding Triangle which wastes time when you need to swap immediately.

I’ll be honest, thats something that irks me a little.

I did like being able to select my weapon of choice in BL2.

Maybe when in in true endgame, with every mission done, I’ll drop the ping/mission select options.

This is one of the things they probably just forgot about to implement. There’s no reason not to be in the game, mainly because previous games had it too and it was very convenient/useful. Like the shooting range dummy at launch. Un-quality of life if you want.

However, I’m on PS4 and I switched to the classic settings (up, down, left, right for weapons). Holding triangle changes the weapon fire mode, and holdinf the options button opens the ping/duel/emote menu. The only thing that’s missing though is the mission swap. But I can deal without that.


Which is too long a wait for it when the standard setting (press down) is instantaneous.

It took me a bit to get used to it, but it’s working for me. Better than not be a able to directly switch to guns in the middle of a gunfight or FFYL.

I tried the classic D-pad switch and it just didn’t work for me in this game. The new D-pad functions are just smoother in keeping things organized quickly.

I also don’t know why they removed the “hold touch-pad to immediately go to Map” feature. I used that constantly in BL2, and I miss it a lot with BL3, especially with how big and maze-like the maps are.

Probably for the same stupid reason they removed Vertical Screensplit. Darn if I know what that reason was though.