Why Whiskey isn't an assassin, how he could be an assassin

Ok so by now I see that alot of WF’s mains get it, that he is not as good as teh rest of the cast in the grand scheme of things in this game. And while all have made suggestions to make him better and some have been a consistent and some have not, though good in nature. I want to bring to you, my fellow Whiskeyans (that a word?), an idea that I hope we can all jump aboard and maybe get this passed.

The game has been out for almost a month now and it’s made clear what assassins roles are, to lock down a character. I think Gearbox has a really cool idea to put a lock down option on a mid range player, making him in the area scary and make people weary on approach. But right now he just doesn’t do that, and on the grand scheme of things not an assassin, just kinda harasses you.

There’s one thing that all Assassins have to make a player feel locked down, and that’s CC. Rath has a launcher, Melka, can slow you, Phoeboe can silence, etc. They all have ways of utilizing their skills in a way to make the character feel locked down, and once they approach opponenets in a skirmish or occupied with another person, they get a kill. This is where Whiskey lacks.

He has one CC ability, and that’s sticky grenade slow on level one. Now this is a good ability, only problem is that you have to waist your last resort ability of getting out of sticky situations by losing your flak off. Also without this sticky it is pretty difficult to land on characters engaged as opponest to other assassin’s CC’s (you’d really have to be blind not to land rath or other’s CC).

So to Gearbox I ask you, please give scrap cannon the ability to be able to slow CC or some other form of CC (silence, or even some kind of way to incorperate stun). Make it a mutation if you can or make it in the level one helix and give Scrap cannons initial properties knock back. That would make it actually useful when choosing between scrap bank and the other one (that’s how rare I and others use it). You can even give it some clever name like heavy lead, or lot-o-junk or whatever crafty name you guys come up with. This I feel (along with slight bullet damage or auto burst) would make Whiskey be able to actually perform well in his job as mid ranged assassin. People would be weary on approach of him due to knock back and slow, and he could harass and lock down opponents better when providing supression fire.

So let’s get on board with this WF players (please) and hopefully get some kind of notice from Gearbox.


Scrap cannon with innate push back and a bleed CC

Buff his sticky nade by 50% - I’ve seen far too many just shrug it off like it’s tickled them. I’ve shrugged off other WF’s nades myself. It should give enemies a moment of “■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ get this thing off me” instead of “oh WF got a nade on me. That’s cute”. The red flash+sticky+3 second timer gives the impression of psychological warfare tactics. It needs the damage to match both that impression and the skill required to actually land them on a target.

Last point, reduce the bloody animation times. Especially on his ult. It’s ridiculously long at both the start and finish

I think whiskey needs some general improvements, both suggestions don’t sound bad but anything would be nice.

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You can cancel the one at the end. It’ll stil require reloading, but going for Scrap Cannon after Ult-ing skips atleast half of the animations.

It shouldn’t require a work around. Period.

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Innate pushback would be bad, just stick with Flak Off. Bleed would be cool, put it somewhere on the helix though.

I think it would be great honestly. Bleed or Slow CC would be nice

Scrap Cannon should NOT have knockback base, you say it’s the only way to get out of situations, but a Sticky Grenade with Weighed Down and your quick melee is far more effective than Flak Off ever could be and those taking Long-Distance Flak using it as burst damage on fleeing opponents where otherwise his slow reload speed would get in the way letting the enemy. A “buff” shouldn’t just be a matter of custom tailoring a character to a single individual’s playstyle less so when it is actively harmful to other established playstyles. Knockback default helps said enemies run away knocking them farther away in that scenario to the point some of us would rather take the dead Shield Scrapper mutation than the actively harmful in some scenario Flak Off who’s benefit is marginal in most others due to the rest of his kit.

I’d support

  1. Shield Disruption base
    Wouldn’t interfere with anybody and keeping shields down for even 3 seconds would actually let the Sticky Grenade detonate so you could leave fleeing enemies who will die from the Sticky Grenade (provided they don’t get healed) alone rather than having to shoot to keep their shields down.

  2. Remove Shield Scrapper (it’s not used anyway) replace with an unlocked bleed mutation at Rank 8.
    Spread Shot + Bleed base would allow bleed to be applied over a wide area + Scrap Bank to reapply is a fairly significant and mindless buff, Bleed on 8 at least limits the area it’s applied to and allows individuals unhappy with either option for one reason or another a way to keep the default behavior of the Scrap Cannon.

He already has a Slow CC with Sticky Grenade and it’s good enough and he certainly doesn’t need stun making another must have helix choice unless they seriously re-work the current helix which I don’t see happening.

I like the idea of a slow-based augment for his scrap cannon that slows the enemy by like, 5% per pellet (rough value). If you’re shooting 8 or so pellets, if you hit them all on one target, you slow them by 40%. You could make that the cap figure in regards to having the 3-charges augment. You could provide a bit of slow to an entire field, or a heavy slow to a single target

I definitely agree that having knockback as base would be bad. I’d hate to accidentally push enemies further away when I’m trying to damage them. If I’m fighting stealth characters, I like to pick the revealing pellets for my scrap cannon to chase them down and finish them, and having innate knockback would basically make that impossible since it would help them escape.