Why? Why Gearbox?

Firstly, it really says something when there are twice as many people playing Bl2 as there are Bl:Ps. Also, you made this game based on looting, so you decided to nerf the ability to loot stuff. congratulations. If gearbox could tell the world what their thought process was when they nerfed looting, i would be so much happier.

[quote=“gwilkinson2021, post:1, topic:1122303”]Firstly, it really says something when there are twice as many people playing Bl2 as there are Bl:Ps.[/quote]What does it say? TPS doesn’t have as much content? Is TPS supposed to have equal or greater player numbers than BL2?

[quote=“gwilkinson2021, post:1, topic:1122303”]Also, you made this game based on looting, so you decided to nerf the ability to loot stuff.[/quote]Are you referring to the tripled drop rate or the corrected loot pools from the recent patches? What do you mean by nerf?

Also, I’m not sure this involves Maya specifically.

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Moved to a more appropriate section. Also, what are you referring to when you say looting has been nerfed?


I thought looting was increased with TPS, you have farmable bosses, increased drop rates, and you have the grinder.


Nothing makes up for the fun of finding good loot along the way. Finding unexpected loot is awesome. Grinding something expected is no where near as fun and is really one step closer to out of game gear crafting. The key is to keep the rewards relevant to the context of the play.

Check all the machines, since that patch I’ve been finding Orange item’s of the day a lot, some very rare.

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The point of the grinder is that I is one more way to loot. TPS has more ways to loot not less.


There are also more people playing BL 2 than BL 1.

GBX didn’t make TPS, 2K Aus did and they shut down.

As others have said, recent patches have increased the chances of acquiring specific loot as well as made most bosses repeatable.

They didn’t. That was 2k Aus and 2k (the publisher’s) call.

I’m not saying I disagree with you, GW, but at least get your facts straight before you start off on a rant.

Plus it’s completely optional; you don’t even have to pick up the quest to fix it.


When I played through TPS I got dissapointing loot drops the entire time, it felt like my only option to get something good was to make it in the grinder or buy it from a vendor, or farm for it, or use golden keys. In BL1 I found awesome loot along the way quite often which kept me more interested in the game and that is why I played it a lot longer than TPS. Make the game more generous rather than provide additional options to distract me from playing the game is what I want. This game tries too hard to be fun.

Have you played recently? They increased drop rates and patched non respawning bosses.

I could see this thread when the game came out, but not in the current state.


This is another problem I have with the game in that it only gets tweaked via patches to get more generous far to late after release.[quote=“Derch, post:10, topic:1122303, full:true”]
Have you played recently? They increased drop rates and patched non respawning bosses.

I could see this thread when the game came out, but not in the current state.

No I haven’t. I played it for a month when it came out, put it away, then played it for two weeks when claptastic voyage came out and put it away again. It’s is a good game but has a lot of problems in keeping me interested. Poor access to loot was one thing. I enjoy raiding for loot not making it or going to shift or the stores to make up for poor loot drops. I have not returned to play the game since because I have no genuine interest to play it again. It is too short, too few things to do, too unrewarding and too long to level up with too few options to do it. I liked the ice and the bouncy castle feel was pretty interesting but overall meh. I would pick up BL1 or BL2 if I was hyped to play BL again. The way the game gets patched and improved (both BL2 and TPS were like this) makes me think it would probably be best to wait for a GOTY edition for BL3 in order to get the best experience and best value for money. TPS season pass was appallingly short compared to the other games.

Hardly anyone would know what its like to play it in its current state because hardly anyone who bought it is still playing it. BL2 was able to patch over time with better drops because it offered continuous content to the game. TPS did not have the luxury, people will only remember what it was like in the first month.

I got my money out of TPS, but I don’t have any overwhelming urge to play it again. I do wish there was more content and better loot drops when it was first released, but I blame 2k for that and not GBX. I’m still hoping Battleborn is as interesting on its release as the CTT was.

But tps has that plus more. I find tps more rewarding just playing through and mobbing than i did with bl2. Pre sequel you have chests, bosses and enemies to farm, moonstone chests that automatically give you blue or purple gear with a chance for a cool luneshine effects which is awesome. And theres also the mutator arena which drops tons of loot and the higher difficulty gives you great chests with great loot. And the mutator has so much variety and challenge to it. Then you have the grinder and venders. Way more looting and ways to get it in the pre sequel.

I do like a lot of the changes in TPS and found them quite fun but the areas felt too much the same and the loot I found was uninspiring. There was not enough of the game for me to invest in it long term. I am not a fan of collecting rocks for guns.

I’m in the same boat, got my money out of it back on the PS3. I was enjoy my new laser focused Wilhelm before the constant crashing (that made me quit) on the PS4. But it’s no big loss, I’d rather play BL1 or BL2 anyway.

Hey i respect how you feel about the game but i do not agree at all. And as I did state above there’s plenty of other ways to get loot then collecting rocks as you say.

If only Luxy’s Space Adventure DLC wasn’t cancelled. We’d have more bosses to farm, uvhm wouldn’t feel like such a grind to get to 70, and it would feel generally better that TPS wasn’t just brushed aside.


yes hate that it more harder to get to 70 as jack or aurelia and im playing jack now he constantly needs stack of money is power and when it is low it hard to kill enemies in claptrap dlc without a corrosive weapon or exp goes slow cause it takes time to kill badass enemies mostly anywhere with low stack of money is power. so when i get a 100% working video card im going back to state of decay yose instead or play the walking dead game season 2 again instead.

I enjoy taking the extra, otherwise junky, stuff to the grinder for a second chance. Especially as I can say, cool, here are three purple oz kits I’ll never use, but maybe I’ll get a legendary out of grinding it.

The drop rate is better than that. At least now it is.

Also the fun of this game is not always about loot. Often it’s about trying out new skills and builds, the fun of mobbing and bossing. And then improving your gear as you go. Sometimes it’s incremental steps. Other times you look through a loot pile from a boss and find a bunch of improvements.

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