Why? Why Gearbox?

I think the increase of game changers in this really helped with that. Maya had 3 in bl2 and Jack has 10 in TPS.

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Ok. I do get that. This does end up being a personal choice. Personally I find that I can’t wait for borderlands releases. So I’m always a day one guy for those. I’ll also pick up Battleborn day one.

There are two ways to look at it though:

a) holy crap, that’s awesome! they patched that game I bought. Adding new features and fixes that make it better and closer to what the fans wanted on release. And fixed bugs they didn’t realize were there at first (that always happens with software/games because it’s pretty hard to make code bullet proof)
b) why didn’t they just wait to release this game until they found all the bugs and added all the features they intended, or until all the DLC was available? Why did they release such a buggy mess and let the consumers do their playtesting?

I’ve looked at it both ways But I think I lean towards A, especially with Gearbox. Because I generally feel like they patch their Borderlands games damn well and actually pay attention to the fans. Their track record isn’t perfect but they do always seem to take note and eventually fix the worst things. I like the additional value they add to their games by patching them. I know that many bugs are hard to catch during development.

That said, it can also present a poor picture to the players. It would be best if the most important features were handled within a couple weeks to a month. Many gamers won’t even bother coming back after that first month.

The content within TPS is decent now. I like to think of it in 5 pieces. The main story. The side missions. The inside claptrap DLC main story. The side missions in the claptrap DLC. The holodome. The reason why is because of how I tend to tackle the game. I usually focus on one of these chunks at a time, especially in UVHM. Especially between playthroughs and characters. It keeps things fresh, especially when you’re playing it with 6 different characters to level 70.

Example, if I just finished all the side missions of the main game in UVHM, I’m likely to do the inside claptrap story next or the holodome. Even if I’m switching characters.

That said, I would love to see a couple headhunter size things or one more normal size story DLC. BL2 still has the most content of all 3 so far. And with the most depth/range/length. But I prefer how TPS handles a lot of things to how BL2 does things. I prefer the classes in TPS and the scaling/mob changes in TPS UVHM. BL1’s main issue for me is mostly the classes too. Mostly that I think the classes got way more interesting in 2 and TPS. With TPS being my favorite classes so far. But I do miss things from all 3 depending on which one I am playing in.

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Luxy’s space adventure?

Is there a link about this?

Recently I’ve been trying things a little differently on the way to level 70. Doing every mission and side mission in all the content. And killing just about everything along the way. Sometimes saving and quitting to get dudes respawned. I actually think you’ll get very close to level 70 doing this if not already there. And once I stopped focusing as much on my level it didn’t seem as slow. Like that saying about watching a kettle boil. I figured that I’ll just reset at level 70 if I want some mission rewards at level 70.

Try respeccing to put most of your skill points into the middle tree and then the one on the left skill tree that grants your holojacks a shield. And then equip a nova shield. You won’t have a problem killing anything except maybe the claptrap dlc bosses. Money is power is fun but I think it’s better to play around with at level 70. I plan on trying it again soon. But I’ll be sure to keep a ton of skills in the middle for survival/DPS.

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That’s right. Seems legit. I guess that’s all the knowledge we have of it. I wonder if it would have been included in the season pass or sold separately. Because technically we did get 4 pieces of DLC already.

I do remember seeing the concept art a little while ago but being skeptical. But I guess that guy was an artist for 2k AUS.

Grand assumptions to say the least. :confused:

I played it in it’s release. I play it to this very day. I love this game and all of its predecessors. And I have been seeing loads of legendary drops. I just captured two separate occasions of a single enemy dropping two legendary items at the same time. That doesn’t happen on poor drop rates. imo

I would suggest giving it another go. :innocent:

Drop off rates were quite fast at launch. I can see why the DLC pass was so short as I think Gearbox knew this game was not going to be a hit. The DLC did not see any significant returns (other games saw good return rates). Those who left the game probably went back to BL2. If the game has gotten that much better then people who returned would have stayed but the player numbers does not support it. For now I am too busy but on the lead up to BL3 I might give all 3 games a run through again for old times sake.

What games are you playing recently?

Nothing. To busy with work and life. It is good to have a break from gaming from time to time. I am keen to see what BL3 has to offer but I don’t think we will hear or see anything till at least the end of next year. I fear Battleborn is consuming all their time at the moment.

Are you playing anything interesting? I am so ‘meh’ at the releases of late.

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That’s what I’m talking about. :acmaffirmative:

I would disagree on this purely due to REASONS! :grin:

Actually the PreSequel a lot again. Over the past year or so it’s been:

Borderlands 1 and 2 on my mac while on my commute and then again on my xbox one
Guitar video games: rockband 3 and rocksmith
Warframe - after going back to borderlands I only barely miss warframe, not sure I’ll go back to warframe

Rainbow six vegas on my 360 at various moments
Revisiting old 360 games someone gave me like Call of Duties and such

Vaguely trying free with gold games sometimes

The new Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak trailer and release date just got revealed. Looks pretty well done. Not sure if it’s my kind of game but I will check it out non the less.

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From what I have heard, Fallout 4 is supposed to be very good. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a good gaming PC or a PS4 or Xbox One.

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It is fan-■■■■■■■-tastic!


Don’t let that stop you, I’ve been playing the witcher 3 on my mid-teir non-gaming laptop, the best FPS I ever had was 27 durring the tutorial and I have the settings as low as I can get them(I’m rocking 15-20 most of the time). but I’m loving it!

Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 both look amazing. I just don’t have the time for big games at the moment. They are both on the queue for sometime in the new year though.

The Laptop I have is about 4 years old now. It only has 64 MB of non-dedicated Video Memory, 4 GB of RAM and an Intel i5 Quadcore 2.53 Ghz processor. I was able to play Morrowind GOTY fine, but when I installed the Overhaul (which drastically improves the graphics making the game closer to Skyrim’s graphics level) the framerate plunged to 3 - 5 FPS outdoors and 11 - 15 FPS indoors. So, I had to remove the game do to it being unplayable at that point. Hopefully, I will be able to afford an Xbox One and / or a PS4 by this time next year. Being unable to work due to a medical condition really stinks. I might not be able to work for another 2 -3 months, depending upon what happens with the Physical Therapy for my neck which I probably won’t be able to being until the new year since my Insurance Company still has to authorize PT. If PT doesn’t resolve the issue, the next step is an MRI potentially followed by more surgery. Already had PT, MRI and Arthroscopic Surgery on my Shoulder. Unfortunately, that didn’t resolve my pain issue. I was originally hoping to be able to afford at least one of those Consoles this year during the Black Friday sales, but I will have to put that off awhile longer. One plus is that by the time I can afford and Xbox One / PS4 the Consoles will probably be cheaper and have a larger HDD. Also, Fallout 4 GOTY with all DLC will probably be available. At least I still have my Original Xbox, PS2, Gamecube with Component output for 480p, Gameboy Player and WaveBird Controller, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo 3DS to keep me busy :blush:

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It’s electronic crack. I’ve never had time fly by so fast while playing a game.


Seriously!!! I have wasted more than a few days playing this without realizing it. The phrase “Wait, it’s nighttime?” generally doesn’t come out of my mouth otherwise, haha

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