Why would you give a skin, trinket, or something of the sort as a mission reward?

There are a few missions, like Killavolt, which after you kill him, Moxxi gives you a legendary skin or trinket, or something like that. What is the point? After you receive the reward for the first time, all the following times in which you kill Killavolt, the reward is worthless because it has already been unlocked. I really think that in cases like this, our friends at GB haven’t really thought it through. Every mission reward should be something that is useful for the new character you have created, and not something that after is unlocked once it has no value after that. Same after killing Katagawa, you end up with three different things, like a skin, a head, and a trinket that are worthless, because they have already been unlocked. What do you think?

any kind of gear for a mission reward is bad because you can never refarm it without resetting your story
and any kind of cosmetic basically becomes permanently unlocked after obtaining it once
so resources like money or eridium are actually the best options


Haven’t really thought it through
Is the guideline for the whole game


Not only are they worthless but somewhat pointless.
I just don’t see the point of trinkets or room decorations.
Skins can be useful when playing online as a way of identifying other players using the same character as yourself.
But as a mission reward is just a daft idea beyond daft.

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Yeah, it’s kind of annoying. I think they should at least offer an alternative reward if you are on anything other than your first playthrough with that character.
In Borderlands 2 Skins and Heads were at least worth some money, but now all cosmetics are priced at $1 in-game so they aren’t even worth selling.