Why would you nerf Alani

The BEST character and you nerfed her when no one was complaining bout her. “Oh cause it fell in line with the support role” WTF no one cares about what you want the character to be, if it is fine then just leave it, this was the exact same case with Melka.

First of all 10% damage reduction? She wasn’t even that strong a damage dealer, maybe if you stood still and took every single hit but c’mon she was no where near the average DPS dealer

and you nerf Wellspring which makes no ■■■■ing sense at all, like 0 sense, I guess cause “healing” is too op now. Seriously tell me a reason why and I’ll happily explain why it was unnecessary

And YES I did like to play Alani as a DPS and this totally ruins it. Some may ask why play a rescuer as a dps? and to that I reply: I can play any character however I please provided the tools are there since it’s an mmoRPG

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Subjective whether or not she’s the “best”, lol.

Yeah, wtf ARE character roles and why do they matter amirite guys?

Meh, this one doesn’t bother me as much I figured it would.

I kinda agree, I think the Wellspring nerfs were a bit too much. I am okay with small Wellspring nerfs, but these may have been too big, i dunno.

  1. If you wanted to play DPS, you could have just played a character actually meant for DPS. Like Foxtrot or Marquis or something.

  2. Battleborn isn’t an MMORPG.


Alani was by far the best healer in the game and a good deal of people were complaining about her. She’s way too versatile of a character, being fantastic at healing, having very high damage output for a healer, CC allowing for easy control of the battle and the many applications of riptide, one of the better zoning ults in the game and by far the best late game of any support. Alani was widely considered to be the best healer in the game and is almost always a early pick in draft provided she isn’t banned.

She had too much going for her and this nerf was needed.

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Either you nerf the best healer in the game or you bring all the other healers to her level. She did to much too well and is/was the backbone of 5 man premade comps

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Because she was the best healer in the game, has hard CC from level one, gets excellent waveclear at 4-5, healed more at greater distances (especially with her range upgrade) than any other healer (1.6k per 4 seconds at level 7), had a far more vicious endgame with GwtF and her ult upgrades, and on top of all that is invariably harder to kill than all other healers thanks to her thin hitbox, boostable movement speed, and the battlefield control offered by Geyser / Riptide.


pfft blowing what I said out of proportions. She was totally a support but restricting her to support when no one asked you too is just BS

OR I could use charcaters I actually enjoy, no law against it bruh until NOW I SUPPOSE

Can’t have a support doing enough dps to be a threat as it breaks character role. If you want that play a tank or any role other than healer.
Would rather they brought other supports up rather than nerf one that actually performs.
Don’t worry other than organized comps few voluntarily choose to be support so bring on the nerfs… meanwhile the support players look at other games

pFFt she wasn’t the best healer, she couldn’t continuously heal like Miko, and if you didn’t have that 3 stacks you were screwed. ALSO HER CC is like dumb easy to avoid if you actually pay attention

High Dps =/= tank…

also she nerver had high DPS in the first place that’s my whole POINT

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