Why would you nerf attikus

Been playing with attikus since the new update and he’s terrible, his stun was the only thing that made him relevant and it’s been taken away not to mention the tweak to his ult, I’ve never had a problem playing against any of his skills I don’t understand why they were changed, he was one of my favorite characters and now I can’t stand to play as him

I assume you were really good at locating enemies after the pounce stun? I dunno why they changed the stun to a silence I would have prefered that they just got rid of the awkward knockback

I just wanted them to be knocked in the direction you pounced so the knockback wasn’t so clunky

The knockback was how he stunned, like Montana’s Lumberjack Dash. You get knocked away from him, and if you hit an ally or a wall while being knocked back, you stop (because you can’t go through it, duh!) and have a stun applied to you.

That honestly sounds a lot worse to me, he’d be forced to place his target between himself and the thing they’ll bump into and he wouldn’t be able to effectively Pounce behind the target’s desired direction from in front of them. If the area’s open for a fleeing enemy, he would have to avoid Pouncing until it’s not because he will definitely knock them toward the direction they want to go to.

Yea, it’s definitely something that’s very awkward at first and takes some skill to be good with, which further drives my point that it didn’t need to be nerfed

the slow on pounce, plus the mvmt speed increase with hedronic arc allows you to consistently & controllably lock down a single target now. plus he’s tankier. and throw in a silence and wound on top of it… he’s way buffed and a monster. my only gripe to get used to is the third person angle the camera enters during pounce; it’s like a too low too close 3rd person over the shoulder. but about the ult, this one fits the original intention so much better. its a group effect meant to both hold enemies in place and kill weaker ones while creating an opportunity for his team’s group attack. attikus play fits his lore in my eyes and understanding. he wins 1v1s early, like fighting in thrall arenas, and sets the stage for his allies to come together over the enemy with his ult, just like his leading a rebellion. the old atty ult was a trick, a one man show; his new ult is supports better team play.


Attikus is a beast now, being able to run and charge his alt attack and have it wound on top of the wound of his other ability and the increased health and the silence of pounce. He is amazing now and I watched as my cousin wrecked people left and right through all stages of the game not just the late game. The wound makes it very easy to punish characters like Miko now and it’s a welcome change in my book.

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More tanky? How is making him basically into a debuff support unit more tanky? If they wanted to do that they should of upped his health regen or added damage resistance to his pounce. Every defender has some kind of stunning except attikus now, his cool downs are terrible, and with the new 3rd person view on the pounce I’m constantly running into more walls and scenery than before, half the time it just shoots straight in the air

And I don’t know what kinda teammates you play with but trying to rely solely on your team is a terrible strategy

While I’m not as gloom and doom as you are about Attikus’ changes, I do wish he still had some sort of stun or harder CC than slows.

I don’t think they’ll give us back the Pounce knockback and stun, but what if Charged Hook caused a stun if you hit with it fully charged? There would be a cooldown on that effect (but not Charged Hook itself) obviously.

I very much enjoy the massive health buff, it lets Attikus actually be a front line presence before level 5, Charged Hook sprinting has become second nature. Pretty indifferent about the other changes to Pounce, but boy his Ultimate has taken a nosedive.

Way to easy to hit though, people have already complained that Galilea and Miko stuns are too easy to use.

I thought about that, but those are both ranged stuns, that can be applied from not only a safe distance but a safe position.

Attikus has to actually be in there with his target, which means he may be placing himself in a dangerous position where he can be counter stunned, pulled, etc.

Also meaning when he lands it, you’re absolutely screwed tho

Yeah but Galilea doesn’t get much use of her stun if she isn’t in your face too. Attikus would be just as exposed as any other melee is in melee range. I just think that as a stun a melee hit would be way too good.
Though I already think stuns do not fit into a first person game.


I feel he is more powerful now. Have to get the proper gear and play more like an assassin/brawler hybrid. This was 4 on 5 too.

Relying on teammates is the point of a team based game. Knowing that my team has my back allows me to rampage with Attikus. Getting a shield from Reyna, a heal from Alani, or stuns from fellow teammates allows me to interrupt the enemy team or allow me to escape. Without help from a team or even randoms, Attikus is not made to do everything by himself. He was made to distract, interrupt, and take out enemies when they get close and right now I feel he doing a better job now than he did before. It just so much easier to take out healers and to take out people being heal by healers now.

Yea but unless you play with friends your teamates aren’t always reliable, I understand this is a team game but that doesn’t mean I want to only have to rely on my team every game

He’s definitely not as bad as I originally thought, I’ve gotten a little more used to his new quirks, still feels like a nerf to me, getting rid of the stunning effect of pounce and the knock up of his ult seems like a setback, if they really wanted to make him more useful they should have done something about his cool downs or the way pounce sometimes just shoots you straight in the air or gets caught on scenery

Have you run up to someone with a fully charged hook yet!!! If not, you need too. The ability to sprint with that charged is insane…add some sprint/movement gear and it gets even crazier. I understand you aren’t feeling all of his changes but as someone who mastered atty first and played him 100% from day one…these changes are pretty solid and not nerfy. There is a learning curve on the new pounce but even that is awesome.

I find the Pounce move easier to use now. For some reason the Pounce never seemed to just as far as the marker indicated which was bizarre. I don’t mind the knockback being replaced by a silence since you didn’t always have an object or player to stun them against. Now it stops you knocking targets out of your range. I loved the drama of Attikus’ fully charged ultimate throwing people everywhere but not being a dedicated Attikus player I haven’t missed it so much yet.