Why you shouldn't trade!

No a lot of your people may be thinking “There is no harm in trading” or “Trading is how you get your guns” Well here is why you shouldn’t.

I AM NOT SAYING YOU CANT TRADE! this is just what I think about it.

  1. Dupers: People will dupe and it will make the experience a lot worse
  2. (Why I don’t do it) It ruins the experience of earning the guns yourself! Don’t you want to have fun and work hard for the stuff you want?

If you play with other people and you need guns to fight a raid boss or do digistruct peak that’s fine and fun! you can still earn those gun having fun with friends.

Ty for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a great day!

Moral of this story… Say no to duping lol

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So i take it you dont want to trade for the sham and norfleet?..

I woulden’t have these guns if i coulden’t trade.

Grinding isn’t fun for everybody, low drop rates can be very frustrating sometimes.


Good luck spending hours and hours of fruitless repetitive grinding. I mean, have you actually tried farming a thunderball fist? You need to run the entirety of the Southern Shelf in one single run each and every time. Have you ever farmed the Cobra sniper (it’s debatable whether it drops at all - not a single video out there showing it actually dropping)? Then there’s Vermi … I agree with the sentiment behind your statement, but you’re deluding yourself if you think the grind merits the reward in a lot of instances. GB would be better served improving drop rates than someone here moaning about the legitimacy of some weapons they’ve received during a trade.

As long as I know I haven’t duped, I have no issue trading for any item. I think that’s the same for most people who play BL2.

Trading is fine.

An eye for an Eye treatment is the best way though.

I’ll gladly exchange, say, a Sham shield for someones Bee shield. Or if it’s something less unique, an E-Tech SMG for someones E-Tech AR.

Ganza gets a Third Cobra #TheHunt4
Another Cobra Drop
All from the same Cobra-master, @Ganza

They must have fixed the drop rate towards the end of the year, because there wasn’t a legit video up when i was playing last year. There was videos, but the person doing the video always either edited the video or there was some other shifty reason why they didn’t ‘capture’ the event on video. Still, I wouldn’t farm any weapon or gear for 30+ hours. I’d rather trade for a specific weapon than waste an entire week’s or more gaming getting that weapon.

Also bizarre the OP should make this thread when he has another thread asking to trade for a Norfleet, when the Norfleet is probably the most duped weapon around.

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That’s a fairly negative view on what is a (for the most part) fairly social game. Sadly, people are going to dupe. You don’t have to. It’s really not an achievement to grind something over and over and over until you get what you want. All that means is, you have more free time or are lucky.

Simple truth is I just want to have fun, that’s all.

Stop discussing duping. Simply put, Gearbox consider it cheating. Do what you will in your own game, but dont bring it here.


I can assure you that the Cobra drop rate has never been altered since it’s introduction via the Torgue DLC. We just came off an event where a competitor took nearly 195 hours to find a Cobra. I think the reasoning behind no one wanting to try for the Cobra for YouTube specifically was due to the skepticism that people would view about said video, be it editing or calling it fake or whatever. The rise of Twitch allowed people to farm for extended periods of time and have everything recorded online at a moment’s notice, even if you’re not a content creator who makes an effort to record things locally.

There was a thread on the old forums where a dev once said they were gonna re look into the cobra drop rate. Whether they did tweak it or not, I’m in no position to say as I didn’t follow the conversation closely at the time. However, that said, I couldn’t think of anything worse grinding wise than farming for a specific weapon in any game for 30 hours never mind the numbers you state.

Absolutely agree. The whole concept of grinding a particular boss for hours on end to get a specific reward is fundamentally flawed. As an experiment I decided to see whether it was true that the drop rates had increased recently and at the beginning of this week I started farming BNK-3R. Nine hours of gameplay later - I kid you not - I got a Bitch. Now, bearing in mind that a BNK-3R run will probably take a maximum of six minutes from start to finish, and most of the time around a third of that, that’s a ridiculous amount of time to spend on repeatedly killing an easy Boss for a weapon which doesn’t even rank among the best in the game for many. And this is supposed to be fun?

When you consider how many Legendaries there are, let alone Cyans, it’s hardly surprising frustrated people resort to trading to get their hands on a weapon they want. Frankly, Gearbox need to look at the reasons why people trade in the first place. It’s because they’ve made farming for good loot BORING, not to mention impossible for many. There’s no way I want to repeat the nine-hour marathon I just went through for all the rest of the Legendaries out there. I like the game, but not that much.

For the record, I don’t trade, since I play exclusively solo. But I can fully understand those that do.

Read what kitty said, then edit your post accordingly, please.

I enjoy farming weapons to a point but while also working towards badass challenges so there is at least some pay off, I admit though the prospect of having to re-farm gear for a 3rd or even 4th time with cap increases and OP levels etc drove me to duping . There should be some mechanism to “re-roll” gear the grinder for example in TPS should let you ‘up’ grind stuff but at a price of course.

I’ve always wanted some sort of mechanic where you can pay a metric crapton of special payment to level up a piece of equipment to your current level. Especially orange rarity gear.

It would at least make all those lvl 4 and 10 drops something to make use of.

After my last post I actually realised that mechanic was actually in borderlands 2 in a way, Torgue Tokens and Seraph Crystals !!! All they would need to do is make them rarer drops from bosses and sub bosses, a legendary is 0,0001% chance a token is 0.1% or what ever … hopefully better than that lol :smiley:

I was having a blast with my friends killing vermy and he dropped a legendary head mid fir me and the next kill was the norfleet… its very possible