Why'd the name bloody harvest heck?

seriously it’s an M rated game with multiple sexual references, swears, and more. it feels so out of place. im sure there were better names that shouldve made it.
even names like the inferno (reference to dante) or other references wouldve been better Bloody Bad Place (good place reference and name) or whatever. heck is just so generic but even hell wouldve felt more in place

But if we were going to Hell it wouldn’t be very Halloween themed it would be more just Hellish.

Heck is a pretty out of place name tbh I think they could have at least come up with something more along the lines of a Jakobs Cove type name. Maybe the Vale of the Damned or even Hallowed Caverns or something.

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Heck, anything really!

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Terror mechanic doesn’t feel halloweenish to me… In fact I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to be limited to the event honestly.

A better name would’ve been appreciated though, since it’s really turning out to be a November event anyways.

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Phil would like a word:

Otherwise: the event has to be advertised outside the game, and so promotional materials have to fit a different set of criteria. Plus “Heck” is a heck of a lot funnier than h-e-double-toothpicks


Because the item you try to get in the event is called hecktoplasm. helltoplasm doesn’t work.

They 100% made the place called heck just for that one pun.


Good. Good. evil cackle

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I think it falls right in line with the Borderlands humor. Its not always raunchy…but its definitely Borderlands…


Hell would have been a lot more generic than heck. Kids say what the heck instead of what the hell, so it’s kind of funny that they chose it as the name of the new location.

Fun fact. Early press junkets and builds of the DLC called it Hell until a town in Michigan threatened to sue for slanderous libel.


so it’s an M rated game and a studio that does a good chunk of m rated games. other games swear in their ads or even basic use of hell

See the post by jataupin a few up for what is likely the real reason…

Damn you MICHIGAN!

I’ve been through Michigan. I think it already is damned. (Parts of it, anyway!)

Unlikely minnesota, we are good state i promise

Remember, in forums nobody ever looks in the middle. they just look at the top and bottom. You can just quote me.

for people who didnt see it,