Wicked Fire starter Build

Hey everyone!
After the hex got fixed I decided to try out a different build for Moze; one that goes for pure damage in the form of FIRE, without sacrificing survivability.

Now be forewarned this build (like most builds) is gear dependent. That said I dont have any anointments on any of my gear.

Mostly we need:
The transformer shield,
bloodletter com,
a grenade that can heal our shields through shock damage or transfusion,
The deathless artifact and the grave artifact.

Skill build:

So the gimmick of this build is to use and abuse the “stoke the embers” skill. This is why we’ve invested in all of the fire based skills.
We will be using almost exclusively elemental weapons that do splash damage. You dont nessessarily need this exact gear. Anything that does splash will be fine. This is what has been working for me:

A fire/shock trevonator (ludicrous damage, love it)

A fire/cryo westergun (it recieved a buff in the last update. It’s a placeholder until I roll a fire cutsman, still performs very well)

Laser-sploder (our default weapon of choice, easy crits)

Lyuda (no element on mine, it’s still quite strong after the rebalance.)

Transformer shield (incredibly survivable even without Vampyr/bloodletter combo)

Bloodletter COM (if you can, get one with +3 to desperate measures so you can have +100% damage all the time)

Legendary Tran-fusion grenade

Grave/ deathless artifacts (offensive/defensive)

The playstyle is very simple, Your weapon’s damage will be boosted thanks to thin red line+desperate measures. You want to reload your guns to take advantage of selfless vengeance. (even though we will be at 1 Hp it won’t kill us) This will add extra fire damage to your weapon, that extra fire damage will be boosted by stoke the embers. Then shoot your splash damage weapons into enemy crit spots. This will activate experimental munitions giving additional fire damage, and also proc fire in the Skag den which…you guessed it, adds even more fire damage on the splash.
Thanks to scorching RPMs you can hit enemies in the face more often for more critical damage.

You can switch your element to shock and use the splash to regen your shields, or use the legendary Tran-fusion grenade to replenish your shields ala bloodletter.

There is one minor change to the skill tree you can make depending on your playstyle- you can switch 1 point from force feedback to Full can of whoop ass if you use iron bear as a panic button.

I ran through Athenas on Mayhem mode 3 with the “all enemies take 50% less incendiary damage” modifier with no problems in ~5 minutes

Graveward also went down quickly, ~30 seconds.

Slaughterstar 3000 wasn’t an issue. No not even with the B.A. flamethrower heavyweights.
Edit: I lied, I did encounter 2 problems.

  1. A jetpack guy got stuck in the wall, took forever to find and then needed to use grenades to go through the wall to get him.
  2. I crashed my game at one point.

But no issues with the build itself underperforming.

I do not see why you would only use fire weapons with this build. It’s like deliberately trying to do less damage.

The only thing that really works with fire weapons only is a 30% additive increase in the green tree, which is nowhere near offsetting the multiplicative 0.5 penalty for fire on shields and armor.

People like to try new things and have fun. Nothing wrong with that.

Thats fair. Keep the same build, just adjust the loadout with different elements. Regardless its effective.
I’ll adjust the wording above

Exactly, build’s ok, simply does not really matter which weapons to use.

If anything. you could say the benefit is that you give a lot of fire damage to weapons that do other elements, so they become decent vs red bar too, even if they are not innately.

So long as those weapons are able to both crit and deal splash damage, then yes. That way you’re getting the most out of the skill build.

Have you tried the build/enjoy the build?