Widescreen 32:9 Menu BUG

Hello i Use a Samsung C49HG90DMU Screen with 32:9 , with the new patch i cant use my Menu. Screen Below , pls fix it :o


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I’ve had the same issue for a while now as well as others on the forums. You can still navigate though. Here is a video I made for a different forum user who was experiencing this issue.

I opened a support ticket with 2K here https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I suggest you do the same so that they’ll have multiple reports of the issue which hopefully spur them to fix it.


I’ve also opened a support ticket. Rep said they’ve sent it to their bug team, but there’s been no progress 6 months after release to fix what appears to be a minor scaling issue.


Because there’s a workaround it’s probably low on their priority list and there are probably not many of us with super wide monitors so it may never get fixed :frowning:

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Makes sense for it to be a low priority, but it’s been six months and I figure the fix should just be some quick number/code adjustment.

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Hey Hey, Another DLC and the same Bug is still in the Game. PLS FIX IT GEARBOX!!!

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hi di ho, again new patch no fix for Widescreens :frowning:

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The new patch actually made mine WORSE!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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DLC number 3 , and still no FIX… GG Gearbox :confused:

Its finally fixed. I logged in today and all the UI elements were within normal bounds in 32:9. Finally I can finish the game. Here’s hoping its a perma fix too.

I only checked in the last maybe 3 days so it was in the most recent patch.

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Thanks for the heads up because I haven’t touched BL3 in over a month.

I realize this is an old issue but I’m currently having this problem. Is anyone able to give me some advice?

Edit: I have 21:9 monitor (2560x1080) and I last played borderlands 3 back in February 2021 without any issues. I just jumped back in today and found the in game menus are all cut off as shown in other peoples screen shots above.

Also having the same issue as you but on 3440x1440, cannot seem to find any fix that works online and it really annoying to deal with in game, I also submitted a ticket but doubt anything will come from it as this seems to be a recurring issue.

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How do I submit a support ticket. I’m having the same issue at the same resolution. I am able to click on the menu selections at the top left by clicking on their bottom edges though.

I have seen this bug before. I got around it by changing my resolution …then changing it back to my desired setting. Bingo AOK.
BUT since the crossplay update it doesn’t work. I am stuck (as others) with trying to click on the very bottom of the menu icons which I can just see!
We really need a fix for this …it truly sucks!