Widescreen issues

Anyway to fix this nastiness? Also, the bosses names are cut off on the slide right before a boss fight .

I believe this issue is also causing extreme screen clutter when it comes to the effects of enemy gun fire. I run blind a lot of the time.

Running 3440x1440, borderless, 100% resolution scale, 21:9.


you have to disable FX Sharpening

I’m assuming this is to fix the clutter on the screen, and not the tooltip problem and other issues with widescreen?

This is to fix all the cinematic issue with UltraWide Screen.

it didn’t fix the overly large and cut off tooltip

I dont’t have that issue and I play in 21:9 as well. Are you on fullscreen or borderless ?


Oh nvm. I know what you mean, Yeah, I think it’s the same even in 16:9 . You have to step back or look up. It’s not a 21:9 issue per say but a game design.

Yea, they left out a ton of stuff when it comes to customization.

Tooltip size, and the worst map design i have ever seen in a game.

Hopefully it gets better.

I have the same issue running at 21:9 on an ultrawide. The cut scenes are also a complete mess.

And yes, dont think its an ultrawide issue, but the Map is GARBAGE.

I can deal with the ultrawide issues. The map almost frustrates me enough to put the game down… especially when i waste time going the wrong direction. It must have been too much time to fix, cause there is no way they could have played the game and not realized the map was an cluster f.

With all that said, I’ll deal with it, but right now, I spend 20% of the time firing blindly because of all the clutter on the screen. Especially the badasses who shoot frost and rockets NONSTOP. There are other examples, but I’m hoping this can be turned down somehow, just haven’t found out how yet.

I play in 48x9. The UI does not scale well. I can’t even see the bottom portion of new missions.

I can verify that Disabling the FX sharpening fixed my cut scene issue on my utlrawide.