Widespread connection issues?

I have only experienced this in one match recently and it’s the only time I’ve seen this happen, has this been happening to anyone else? we were mostly green and orange to start but suddenly we all started lagging badly. I did anyway, but everyone else turned red. I recently got new broadband so I know my connection is good. What’s up?

We ended up surrendering, we couldn’t really do anything.

It really depends on where you and the other players are, where the server is, total server load, and what else is happening on the internet at large. There was a report of problems with PSN the other day too; don’t know if that was going down while you were trying to play or not, but things like that can crop up at any time.

Twice yesterday both teams got booted. They’re fiddling with servers it seems like, which always hurts in the short run.

If you were playing when the Earnest update got pushed to the servers, that might have been an issue. Otherwise, I don’t think they’d go mucking around during peak periods without some compelling reason (like, a drunken bet in the NOC or something serious like that :stuck_out_tongue: )

I hit a round earlier today where even in PvE it seemed like 1 out of 3 peeps would have lag.

It cleared up.

Mine was an hour before and six hours after Ernest.

Mine doesn’t work at all I need help it won’t even match me with players