Widowmaker Grenade

So I just got one of these and it takes a really long time to trigger and do its thing. It’s a powerful grenade when it fires though. I just think the delay before firing the rockets should be drastically reduced on the basic version. I hear of prefixes making it fire faster but that’s lame to make it even more random to make it fire faster on top of the really low chance of just getting one in the first place.

I wanna like this grenade but the weird mine gameplay it promotes just doesn’t work for the fast paced aggressive gameplay borderlands is about.

But maybe I’m wrong about it? What are other people’s thoughts?

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Agreed. I have a Mirv version of it. It’s a grenade that wants to be extremely good, but just fails due to that long ass delay.


Tried using it last night and just gave up on it. Too slow to use. They should remove the fuse delay altogether