Wierd Sand Storm effect with IO-Pictures included

Every time i shot something with IO
i get this wierd Sand Storm effect
its very annoying as its hide most of the screen for like 1.5 seconds and i cant see a thing

any idea’s ?

tried to play without IO and couldnt find the skill to replace it

playing on PC

What are your PhysX settings? Are you using an Nvidia graphics card? It´s pretty subtle with an AMD card and PhysX turned off.

using Nvidia 980 ti
if im not mistaken my Physx settings -Low

What you are seeing is the leading edge of the slag shockwave from the digisplosion. You get the same thing on console, and you’ll see the same thing every time the Warrior emerges from the lave and lands when you trigger is appearance on visiting his vault. I agree that it’s annoying, because it temporarily obscures your vision. Unless the PC version has some visual fx settings you can tweak to reduce its intensity, though, there’s not much you can do about it: it’s fundamentally a part of the IO slag mechanic.

Thanks m8
wonder if you can check out nova helpdesk
i asked for how to tweak nova shock build and gear to work with the catalyst com

Looks like its already been answered. I don’t play OP levels, so I’m not the best person to ask that anyway. I do like leg. Catalyst though!

You don’t?!

Nope. Still have two characters remaining to get to level 72, still have all 6 characters in TPS to complete UVHM, still have to finish Skyrim DLC & FO4, and Oblivion is incomplete as well. Oh, and Bioshock. And, of course, Battleborn. At a rate of a few hours a week. Oh to be a carefree PhD student again!