Wild Seeker = BEST Seeker?

I got to thinking about this and since the Seeker homes in on a target regardless of it’s accuracy on the card (it seems).

Would not the “Wild” version which is usually HEAVILY penalized with minus accuracy to off set pretty big gains in Damage, FR and Mag Size…well. wouldn’t it be the absolute right choice with this gun??

Such an easy farm and it is offered all the time in the Flamerock Serif Vendor.

Thoughts anyone??

I agree.

Seek, and you shall find out! :wink:

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the seeker is great on krieg.

@Chuck80 Hey Chuck…look at my original post…what do you think?

Wild will have no drawbacks??

On paper you’re absolutely right, good thinking :slight_smile:

In practice, there might be unforseen issues, things like the seeking aspect not kicking in immediately or things like that. Unlikely but possible.

Only one way to find out :slight_smile: