Wildlife exploitation reserve glitched out

I was playing local coop and got up to bloodwing. While we were fighting her she glitched out of the map leaving us stuck. When I restarted the game it put us ALL the way back at the beginning of the map and the doors to get back to bloodwing are closed. I have tried to run single player and still get caught at the doors as well with them not opening. Is there a way to restart the whole mission or get the doors unlocked? Please help its the only game my wife will play with me!!!

You may both need to drop into someone else’s game to get past this. Check the PS4 On-Line Play section, and don’t forget to mention which play-through you’re on.

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I’ve been looking for a game that matches up with ours and I have had little luck with that. This is also a first playthrough so normal mode.

U in the game atm?

No sadly I am at work lol

I’d suggest posting here:

You’ll likely find help faster that way than relying on in-game match-making.

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Thanks for that, I will post there too, I was just wondering if there was another workaround besides joining someone elses game. Never encountered this issue on PC and I played the game extensively.

I’d give a hand now if you were. Later 2 - but sense we have a time zone issue.

You could check the “known fixes and work-arounds” over on the relevant support page:

Where exactly are you being locked out - in the skagg/stalker area outside the building where you initially look for Bloodwing, or further along?

Yeah I got stuck there and then restarted again and then got to the door right before bloodwing and got stuck again. Killed everything around to see if it triggers that last door with no luck. Also looked through that link with no luck.

It seems that way, Im in eastern time

7.30 p m :waxing_crescent_moon:

Yeah its 130 here, thats quite a difference lol

The only other fix I can think of that will work, is to restore a save file backup from before you got glitched but if you don’t have one then joining someone else’s game or starting a new character from scratch are your only options :frowning:.

How do you restore a save file? I don’t see the option for that anywhere

If you have one in the Cross-Save Cloud then download that and over-write the bugged save with it but if you don’t have one there, then check the PS Plus Save File Cloud if you have access to that or restore one from a USB Drive :slightly_smiling:. I’ve always got 3 saves backed up for every game I own, in case something bad happens so I always have a fail safe available :slightly_smiling: .

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I don’t have that but I’ll definitely start!

I’m about to start that mission but it’s uvhm. Anybody know if @off.cory joined my game it would unlock for him or her? If so @off.cory is welcome to join me later, I’m central time zone.

No, it wouldn’t - has to be in the same play-through.