"Wildlife Preservation" mission glitch?

So I made it to the part where you find Bloodwing’s feathers and blood, and Handsome Jack unleashes the animals on you. I died because I was shooting the badass shock skag with the wrong gun and when I died, I re-spawned alllllll the way near the entrance to the map (Highlands I think). Now I can’t get back inside the Wildlife preserve where the mission marker is. No matter what I do I can’t get in. I even cheesed my way onto the top of the building at one point but it still didn’t help.

What am I missing? Here’s the mission I’m referring to http://www.ign.com/wikis/borderlands-2/Wildlife_Preservation

When you did the mission the first time, did you take any short-cuts to get to the building where Bloodwing’s pen is? (E.g. the waterfall short cut.) If so, that could be part of the problem. It sounds like you might have done so since, if you follow the expected route, you should spawn no further away than the room just before the broken centrifuge and not at the beginning of the map. If you can’t get the room to open after a save/quit/restart and fighting your way from the entrance, through the “front door” to the docks, through the skagg pen, through the building, through the stalker/skagg area (Timon and Pumbaa), through the building (save point) past the centrifuge and up to the location, you’ll probably need to join someone who is currently on the same mission and run it with them.

Damn! I really don’t think I took any shortcuts, certainly not on purpose. I even recognized some of the checkpoints that I’d passed when I started making my way back to the Wildlife Preserve after I died and was wondering why I couldn’t have spawned there. Guess I’m gonna have to join someone, thanks for the tip.

It’s possible to go through without getting close enough to trigger the save points along the way, especially if you’re focussed on fighting things or doing a speed run. Have you tried restarting yet?

No I should restart the game. I keep using the sleep/wake function on PS4 so maybe I’ll try that when I get home. I definitely remember triggering at least one checkpoint (little room outside near the fallen pipe that acts as a ramp), but I guess it didn’t take.

Was going to let you know I’m on that part for TVHM, level 46 and was going to be doing it tonight. Then saw you’re on PS4 (XB1 here), good luck.

In that case it’s really odd you didn’t spawn there - almost sounds like it wasn’t saving your progress while you were playing that mission? Being on old gen hardware, I don’t get the option, but sleep/wake seems like a good way to find otherwise hidden bugs in the game caused by memory leaks etc. Hopefully a proper restart will fix things.