Wilhelm as a Jedi? (Toby's Bright Spadroon)

Has nobody ever considered to use Toby’s Bright Spadroon with Wilhelm? I’ve searched the old and the new forums and found not even one topic related to this. IMO it’s a very fun combination because of his laser buff and especially Shock Absorbers. I’m running around slicing enemies with my lightsaber and giggling. I even hear my fellow astromech droid while doing so. :thumbsup:


I’ve done Jack and Athena with it, your riht Willy should be a Jedi too

I’ve been using it on him for while now. Thought it was already a thing…it is the most powerful laser after all.

Also when you do this we need to have some lightsaber duals between timmy and willy

He can stack a lot of damage reduction. Also, Vegeance Cannon and Shock Absorbers as said. Saint is a great back up too

I’ve thought about it, but haven’t done it yet.

It only make sense. If Jack is the evil Palpatine puppetmaster character of BL, Wilhelm is his cyborg right hand man/enforcer. He’s literally the Darth Vader of the series.

I’d have to get all his augmentations to fit the theme. Black outfit and a head with a face concealing mask is practically mandatory.

Cyber Commando/Dreadnaught for sure. Gotta keep him alive for all the close-quarters combat.

3DD1.E = R2. Blasters make sense in a Star Wars theme (I’d go with cryo to halt tough to pin down foes in their tracks and corrosive because lots of the tough to saber stuff like high up turrets, jet fighters, and RK5 are weak to it). Vibra Pulse or shock Rosie = Force lightning. You can even justify Prismatic Bulwark because Vader absorbed Han’s blaster shots on Cloud City. Cryo grenades to FREEZE FOOLS IN CARBONITE. :wink:

I might do something like this: Just crazy tanky with Wolf and Saint (battledroids!) mainly there to heal and boost your movement rate (because it’s all about the movement rate).