Wilhelm build 23/22/22

This is a tree build I have in mind as I level up. I think I will first go down the red one first then the green part then the blue one for the last. I made this by looking over skills guide on here. I just want to hear what you guys think of what I made and suggestion any guns for the UVH and what tree I should go down as I play through the game

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Just a few changes http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550510010515005150104155500510001/supmech,auto

Scramble really only needs 1 point. Wolf will rarely die, and spending 4 points for less of a bonus than you get for 1 in a situation that will rarely occur is not a great use of points. Put those into Suppression because that wolf fire rate is sweet. You could also put it in rolling thunder if you like.

It’s actually pretty difficult to remember to use Shock Absorbers. You’d think that running and gunning would come simply once you get, but when you get used to not being able to run and shoot, it gets very difficult to start doing it. Besides, that 1 point in Divert Power is totally worth it.

For COMs, I’d suggest getting a Celestial Enforcer as soon as you can. It also boosts Targeting Scope and Energize, but comes with better damage boosts, as well survivability.

As for weapons, a safe load out is laser disker, hyperion shotgun (company man or glitched variant are the best options, but any blue or higher will do), an SMG( torrent, bone shredder, or fast talker), and a pistol (of which there are many to choose, but vladofs are a good starting point).

Of course, you can use anything on Willy, those are just my suggestions.

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Is there any legitimate way to get the company man that you know of?

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If you don’t have the shift code, then I’m not sure. I can’t remember whether they added the TFTBL guns to the vendor loot pool.

If you can’t get a CM for whatever reason, a glitched hyperion shotty is the next best thing.