Wilhelm challenge glitch

I have one undiscovered challenge which is in the vehicle section but I don’t get why when there shouldn’t be anymore undiscovered challenges, I emailed gearbox and they said to check Twitter for updates but there isn’t going anything patch wise anytime soon and I don’t really want to level up another character just to unlock one trophy which should already be completed

Improvise, Adopt, Overcome - Kill enemies using a turret or vehicle-mounted weapon
Fender Bender - Kill enemies by ramming them with a vehicle.
Splat ‘n’ Slide - Kill enemies by power sliding over them.
Road Warrior- -Kill vehicles while in a vehicle.
Pancakes For Breakfast - Kill enemies with Stringray slams.

these are all the BAR Challenges (per wiki) for vehicles in TPS

Yet for me it shows 4 challenges with one undiscovered
I would post a photo of it but can’t

It looks like you did not have Pancakes for Breakfast challeng. Have you used stingray vehicle?

got to be this, if you don’t have the stingray unlocked yet (it’s a hover vehicle) then that challenge will be undiscovered. you get the stingray on the way to meet pickle, keep running the main mission it will show up

Pancakes For Breakfast - .> Kill enemies with Stingray slams

I’ve already done it several times but makes no difference won’t unlock

Is this your only character? If so, you can try to join an online game and see if it changed anything. Or start new character and quickly run to the point where you discover stingray and see if it unlock challenge.

I have others but Wilhelm is only one who has all level 2 or higher and just need to get that one trophy before I get platinum

Are all your characters have locked Pancakes for breakfast challenge?

Nope just Wilhelm sadly , which is annoying