Wilhelm Head with black beret

I played with a friend a couple of nights ago and a fella I did not know joined the game with Wilhelm. The character had a black beret on his head and I had never seen that head before.

I inquired where he got it and he said he did not remember. After doing some research I can find nothing on this particular Wilhelm head.

Anybody know where I can find his head?

It may be one of those heads that NO ONE knows where it drops. Like Tim’s ‘Handsome’ head. Just a really lucky world drop.

I can’t find a lick of information on it anywhere. Internet doesn’t report that it exists.

I swear this player had it and it was quite nice. I’m going to do some more digging to see what I can find.

I have a friend who does not frequent the forum but is skilled at looking at the actual game code. I am going to ask him to see if he can find this particular head in the game and confirm that it actually exists.

Oh no, you’re probably not wrong. I might be thinking of the same one you’re thinking of. Just very rare to see.

Hey there, it’s apparently the Reward for the DLC mission ‘you can stop the music’

Handsome head dropped for me last night while fighting Zarp with my Claptrap.


God damn you I want it.

EDIT: Oh so the Claptrap DLC does have extra heads, sweet!

Got it…nice head!! Thank you Ha_Na for directing me to the correct mission.

I saw on Youtube a gameplay of Athena using a similar head, she looks super badass with it! Warhammer 40.000 style, with the cap and a bionic eye she’s like Comissar Athena lol.

Commissar Mrs. Athena Ciaphus Cain.

She married him after Amberly decided that a relationship with a war hero was doomed.

Plus all her Inquisitor duties… You know…

And besides, Athena wanted to settle down and have kids.

It’s an old story with ex-warriors.

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