Wilhelm is a freaking beast!

First of all, sorry for my poor english.

I started playing BL:TPS with Wilhelm. During my first playthrough I focused on enjoying the game and the story. Then, on TVHM and UVHM, I just dedicated myself to level up my Wilhelm and to get the best gear.

After that, I played with Claptrap, Jack and Aurelia. All of them great characters with really powerful skills, but the main problem was (as always) the survivability and falling continuously into FFYL on UVHM (especially Aurelia).

However, I managed to get my characters to level 60, get the right gear, defeat the game and even defeating the raid boss (except with Aurelia, so fragile), but always with a lot of difficulty (and the gods on my side). As I said, survivability on UVHM is a bitch.

Exactly 4 and a half months after I purchased the game, I decided to play again with my forgotten level 60 Wilhelm and he surprised me a lot.

After playing with other 3 characters, the feeling was so much different. I could not believe how much strong he is and how much damage he can handle thanks to his skills (specially divert power). I even defeat the raid boss without falling once into FFYL. Something like that never happened to me while raiding on Borderlands 1 & 2 (bugs and glitches to defeat raid bosses do not count).

Yes, it may be that he doesn’t do tons of damage, but he’s a freaking beast when it comes survivability.

Greetings from Chile. :wink:

PS: So disappointed on Aurelia :frowning:


Absolutely agree. Aurelia is probably considered a glass cannon: low defensive abilities but extremely high damage potential. I’ve always been a sucker for character classes similar to Wilhelm: great defensive skills and distraction abilities with decent offensive abilities. Certainly not the best in terms of DPS, but a beast in the long run of the fight.

Lastly, there was no need to apologize for your “poor” English. Looking at what you have written, your English is perfectly fine and fluent. Far from poor.

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I always felt like “gaining stacks” to increase DPS was not my thing. So, Wilhelm to me was like “he’s the one”.

So bad he’s not going to be on Borderlands 3.

We can always hope that there will be someone similar.

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Wilhelm was my first toon and he certainly feels like the easiest to jump into. Very versatile, not gear dependant, great dialogue (no), and one of my favorite action skills

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One reason Wilhelm gets overlooked is because he doesn’t have any insane DPS boosts like maelstrom or tombstone. What he does have are an abundance of skills that are more all weather and not stack or situation based. He is also quite durable, the only class I find I can match his level of survivability is Athena.

I don’t see any problems with his DPS.

Take all his reload/fire rate skills and a decent Tourge shotgun and he’s monstrous

To be honest, I have real issues keeping him alive without a Golem mod, which might be more to do with the way I play as much as anything, but keeping Wilhelm alive is a lot more difficult for me than keeping Aurelia alive.

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I had some early issues with Wilhelm. But I feel like he’s getting very strong as I start to head into TVHM. Also, I can do some insane damage with a shock tediore laser reload on the sentinel. I’m currently focused on the left skill tree.

edit: I’m also starting on the middle skill tree, laser damage boosts being used so far.

I need to do a bit more with the middle tree. Used the left hand tree mostly but although it’s great at damage, it’s not keeping me alive as much as I’d like.

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I highly recommend Divert Power. The massive damage reduction for 3 seconds makes you practically invincible but the 100% shield regen at 5/5 is amazing. If you also get the skills Emergency Response and Vengeance Cannon (which activate upon shield depletion), when Divert Power procs, it is basically a free shield recharge, allowing you to immediately use those skills again.

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@axlerate I’ll have to give that one a go then. Made it to the capstone on the middle tree but didn’t spec into ALL the branches on the tree.

The route I would go with when speccing down the tree would be: Laser Focus, Targeting Scope, Power Fist, Divert Power (you can also take Shock Absorbers as well), Welcome to the Gun Show and/or Emergency Response and finally Vengeance Cannon. Man and Machine isn’t bad for tanking but I prefer Laser Focus. Meteor Slam is pointless, in my opinion.

@axlerate Might have to respec and try that out then.

I can no longer play Axton because Wilhelm. Why the turret doesnt have Laser Focus?
Also, I like the balanced ones. Axton and Wilhelm are always funny to play

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Totally agree…

I would like to know how far the radius could get. But I’d certainly prefer something that also increased slam damage at the same time.

Wilhelm is a beast with a more defensive spec. He’s also has a pretty high DPS output with the right spec, but typically to maximize this, he should use a tediore purple shield, which makes it hard to keep him on his feet as much. With the offensive spec, he can put out a lot of damage, not as high as the others, but it’s pretty consistent.

Aurelia, on the other hand, gets me to play very differently. I really enjoy her as a sniper, so I do play very conservatively, hanging back and picking enemies off. I like her middle tree, but admittedly I don’t have her at max level yet so I can’t speak to UVHM with her yet (2/3rds through TVHM right now).

Wilhelm and Aurelia are my favorite classes… I think. Jack might be in there too.

While Wilhelm moves through UVHM without any problems (with the right build), Aurelia’s main issue is the survivability.

Yes, she’s awesome dealing big amounts of damage (sniping and using cryo weapons), but playing with her on UVHM is like playing the original CONTRA. One bullet and you’re out. And those who played that game (so many years ago) will understand how frustrating it was

I really enjoy her as a sniper too, but my point is that the feeling (not the play style) between Wilhelm and the other classes on UVHM is absolutely different, is almost like a walk through the park (I haven’t tried Athena or Nisha yet).


Never played Contra, but I agree whole-heartedly. UVHM was very easy in comparison to other VHs. My issue, just like with Jack and Nisha, is that I like being viable with my own builds, and not the “cookie cutter” builds. So with each phase of UVHM, I tried to go back to my purple tediore shield and laser build on Wilhelm, got my ass handed to me a bit too much (mostly when I hit bosses), then went back to a more survival focused build, and swept the floor. Oh well…