Wilhelm killing EOS in one cycle

I think it is time to stop one of the most widespread rumours about my favorite playable character ever.

  • The video is also on the Time Trials Thread, but I think it is also okay to post it here.

  • As it was made for the Time Trials, it means the kill was performed w/out UCP, third party software, glitch abuse, etc.

  • All questions regarding skill build, gear loadout, weapon parts and execution are welcome. :slight_smile:


Is Wilhelm your favorite? I thought it was Athena. Wilhelm is awesome though, he and Jack are my favorite for TPS.


Yes. And more than that: Wilhelm is my favorite character to play ever. And surprisingly I like Timothy the least, although he and Wilhelm are quite similar.


I just think Wilhelm is awesome conceptually. I was in awe when I went into the Cyber Commando tree for the first time and saw his arm and leg change and hearing his voice change and become deeper and mroe robotic was badass! A shame he gets pooped on by people who don’t know how to play him.


Yeah! And I’m genuinely surprised how some of his skills are poorly ranked in his skill guide thread. I got very aggravated at one point when @Derch literally laughed at Wilhelm in his skill and build guide (that quote about killing Eclipse and EOS in 6 mins with bar, you can actually check that video out). I’m driven by all this to make these kills, as I want to show how amazing he actually is if you build and play him right, if you take time to understand his mechanics. He’s second only to Nisha in Holodome, he doesn’t lack at all against E&E as it is showed here. With better execution mutator arena and Sentinel times can be even more impressive. If you learn how to play Wilhelm, you can really run some other Vault Hunters into the ground. He’s criminally underrated, IMO.


Indeed, never knew Derch laughed at him though but I still enjoy his videos. Bottom line is that Borderlands has always has that odd one out character with each game except for maybe BL1. Honestly the only people bashing a character or putting them down are the ones who haven’t played them or are just ignorant.