Wilhelm Resource thread

Skill Tree Builder


DDD: Wilhelms skills - by Blutfatal
Wilhelm leveling guide

Top Gear for Wilhelm - by Blutfatal
Wilhelm’s class mods - by Syvaroth

General Info
Customization: Head and Skin Database for Wilhelm - by Mirrrorada
Wilhelm Builds and Skill Interactions Discussion


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Kitty this needs a sticky, I’ll fix it later today.

@Blutfatal possible temporary banner? Until you know someone better than me does one xD

Wanted to do this since the Athena board has one and I think clappy too.

Busy right now put it up later

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Only the Skill Tree Builder link is working. All the other links are broken.

What the duck.

Blutfatal, your skill guide is gone.

fixed it

most of these links still dont work

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Most of them are also for the old forum as I was the only one who ported anything over.

A lot of the old links need “oldforum” instead of forum, I would also request the Top Gear be redirected to the most recent iteration.

Need links, most of the guides from the old forums never got ported over which is why they are there.

Um the current TG link is [Guide] Top Gear for Wilhelm

My thing about the oldforum was that there are a bunch of links to the old forums that are currently broken because they use forums.gear box software.com/blabla instead of oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/blahblah

The currently broken links’ll be fixed by adding old before it.

Slight typo in the top gear link (the http is missing the colon)

It was actually a double http thing that caused that.

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The COM guide link is not working, but I found a functional capture at Internet Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20150309124155/http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=389450