Wilhelm Spread The Love Thread

Poor ol Wilhelm, the least amount of posts in the old forums and exactly 0 threads for him in the new forums so please lets spread a little love for Wilhelm and tell the world why you love Wilhelm.

Wilhelm is the best pet class in all of Borderlands, he has a brilliant backstory, some hilarious interactions throughout the story due to his gruff could care less attitude and Wolf is an absolute beast.

That is why i love Wilhelm


I like him because I also like steak and robots.

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“Hey Wilhelm, you wanna come to the moon and hunt a Vault for me?”
“I’ll pay you a couple of million dollars.”



Wilhelm is awesome. Great dialog and I love his action skill.

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:electric_plug: :fist: :heavy_exclamation_mark:



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Yeah, gonna have to get Santa to bring me one of those, and he better UNLESS HE WANTS A TRIP TO ROBOT PUNCH CITY TO THE FACE!

Steak is Love, Steak is Life.

All hail the Almighty Robot Policeman! All praise to the Prime Directives!

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Just remember.

When we are all dying of turbo cancer, he will be the one with eye lasers

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Posting in a Wilhelm thread. Wilhelm rocks.

:revolving_hearts: ## WANTS MORE LOVE ## :revolving_hearts:

SWM WLTM VGL Robot for TLC and Scav murder.

I love Wilhelm. Wilhelm is like the older brother I don’t have. I have a younger brother, but because he doesn’t have surveyors, power fist, limited vocabulary specifically to the word “no” and vengeance cannon, I’m gonna forget he even exists.

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I honestly feel like a cryo/explosive willhelm can be one of the strongest mobbing classes in UVHM.
Not sure why there’s so little forum talk about him.

They dislike steak and robots. They also have turbo cancer and are unable to shoot lasers from their eyes.

Though my real guess is that he doesn’t have any “overpowered” builds (Nisha and Athena steal the show). He is such a balanced character though. You can play him any way you want and still chew ass… just dont run out of ass.

I wouldn’t call Athena overpowered, unless she has some broken skill I haven’t found yet. I’d say the Doppelganger is is probably the second best at DPS.

My wilhelm is not that much slower than my Nisha at mobbing at the present, sure in UVHM that could change but I can clear the entire stalker section of R&D (with the mini boss stalker, multiple rabids and sometimes a super badass or two) within one wolf duration and the total time it takes me is within 10 seconds of the total time it takes me with Nisha. Nisha gets all the press because she is capable of such op-ness but wilhelm is massively underated, his cryo/exposive boosts are largely ignored i find.

I think all support classes are underrated in this game (Roland, Axton and Wilhelm). I guess people prefer throwing out as much lead as possible compared to summoning reinforcements to support you and your allies. That’s always been my style of play: not at the front, not at the back, but right in the middle of the group, supporting them via healing and/or distraction.

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Ditto! I don’t like playing the DPS kings. I find the support roles far more satisfying. Underdog classes for life!

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I like Wilhelm because he is probably best suited to sniping. Even Nisha is kinda bad, you’ll miss moving enemies in showdown. And yeah, support roles 4 lyfe!!!

I never really thought about it before but i have also been drawn towards support classes as well. But i play solo mainly so that is weird right lol I think with me its more than because im alone i like the idea of being able to launch something that will draw agro - the fact that Wilhelms is mobile just makes him an absolute boss

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