Wilhelm Tree Skill Build: The Wilminator

This give both of Wilhelm flying bots a bostes. For Wolf damages and Saint to keep my shield up. Put in the Cyber Commando for it slame, the shoulder cannon and robot parts. And for a last resort, the Termination protocol for those closer calls.
Update 7/10/15: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/050515010510515121105155501000051

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  1. Venom Bolts and Kill Switch are crap, the damage is garbage and the added corrode stuff does basically nothing

  2. Only get one point in scramble if your going to get it at all, the first point adds 30% consecutive points increase this by 5.

  3. Not maxing out Targeting Scope is a sin, it’s one of wilhelms best skills

  4. Going 5/5 Divert Power is Unnecessary, Considering how often it’s down with its 25 CD, its not really worth investing a lot of points into.

  5. I would strongly suggest finding a way to get to overcharge in the right tree, it’s that good, you also have enough “floater points” in bad skills that you could do it easily

Something like this would serve you better if you are going for a rolling thunder route.

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I like Hoyle4’s…

These work pretty good for me in maximizing pet mode:

Chronicleer of Elpis
http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/050515000515405011105055540111001 (wont show 9/5 in Rolling Thunder as well as 9/5 in Escalation, 5/5 in Emergency Response. 5/5 in Divert Power and 5/5 in Hazmat)


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Update 7/10/15: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/0505150105105151211051555010000513

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I personally hate Kill skills, it changes my style to constantly scoring kills or risk losing my bonuses, I prefer to avoid kill skills altogether but otherwise I do agree with this.

I cannot deny that Targeting Scope is a good skill worth investing at least 1 free point in.

However what really matters is if you’re having fun with the build, if you’re not spec out. If you are keep it. :smile:

Here’s a look at my Build: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/551015015515500101415050550010000/celenforcer,lv70

It’s not great but I’m having fun and my mortality rate is next to non-existent and that’s all that matters.

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I don’t really see how it can change your style when the object of the game is to kill things. Kill skills just give you bonuses for something you’re already doing, and they help you do it faster.

If you look at your build, you’re missing 60% crit damage and 30% accuracy for 7 seconds when you kill something, which you will be doing anyway. Even if you are sniping, the boost to crit damage will still be of more use than 1 point in Meteor Slam. Even if you don’t hit crits, the increased accuracy for multiple pellet weapons (like shotguns and splitters) still make the skill worth having.

Especially since it seems like you have enough throw away points to get at least 1 skill point in there. 1 point in Venom Bolts and Meteor slam won’t do much of anything (most skills unless boosted by a COM won’t have any sizeable bonus at 1 point, and skill points are a valuable and limited resource). Also, since you have Auxillary Tanks at 10/5, Rolling Thunder at 5/5, and Laser Guided, it seems clear that you intend to keep wolf out as long as possible, so the point in Zero Hour won’t do much for you (Energize heals for about the same amount for the entirety of Saints duration).

You may not like them now, but just try them. Especially on Wilhelm, who lags behind the chars in terms of damage, he needs every bit of extra damage he can get, and you’ve got enough tank points that you can afford to devote some attention to his kill skills w/out too much trouble.


What I was trying to say is that I tend to avoid time sensitive skills and bonuses but I do understand how what I posted sounded confusing. lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I digress. I know when to say I was wrong and when to say thanks.
Thank you for being respectful and analytical with your constructive criticism and helping me realize that I was really missing out on a damn good skill.
I switched out Zero Hour for Targeting Scope and my damage output with Maggie and Absolute Zero has increased by almost double!
So once again, Thanks a Million! :smile:

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No problemo friend! :grinning:

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This is the build I plan on using any suggestions?

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I would only go one point in afterburner and put the points in suppression or go emergency response.
I find first to fight worthless so I would ignore that skill altogether.
And I go with Vengeance Cannon over Omega Strike.

This is my opinion on your build Serpent, I pretty much go the same build except for the skills I mentioned above.

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