Wilhelm's Action Skill Dialogue

Ive been trying to figure out what exactly Wilhelm says while his support drones are out & about.

He seems to call them “Alpha”.

“Alpha’s gonna eat you up!”

“Watch out for Alpha!”


Is Alpha what he’s saying?

Why doesnt he call them Wolf and Saint?

Or even Alpha & Beta, or maybe Omega?

That’s the Drones talking. The Drones call Wilhelm Alpha, as Wilhem is the leader of the pack.

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That is awesome!

Thank you!

You heard the Wilhelm master! (speaking of which, I altered your Wilhelm build to be level 70. Wanna see it?)

As for Wilhelm he says stuff like this:

“At 'em Wolf!”

“Wolf. Out!”

Something something Saint.

“Air superiority” (or that might be Wolf talking. Since I use the CC tree, Wilhelm’s voice sounds close to Wolf and it’s hard to differentiate)

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Look what I found on the googles:

One of these days I’ll do a playthrough with SFX and music on mute and max volume on my headphones

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I’d love to see the build!


Sweet, thanks!

Doesn’t have to be a Celestial Enforcer COM though. Could be any you like, or a Chronicler of Elpis.

Not really perfect. Wanted to have Scramble, Zero hour and maybe Rapid reinforcement. But ehh, chose the others instead.

Though, I think I should’ve reduced Hazmat a bit. I already use Adaptive Shields (73%) and the Chronicler of Elpis COM boosts Hazmat. (9/5 = 64% protection)

And IIRC Adaptive and Hazmat stack so it’ll be overkill.

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