Wilhelms legs grating

Is it only me, Or do his legs grate while he is sprinting? It is A VERY annoying sound, and is there a way to turn it off?

probably a cyborg effect…

the middle skill in the middle tree (forget what its called) but it allows you to shoot while sprinting AND get a damage boost with a single point.
I bet that’s the skill that’s making him sound funny

Ive noticed since update even WITHOUT the cyborg legs his sprinting causes a sound with each footstep similar to grav boots. Its terribly annoying

Added effect in the last update. I thought it was tied into the Shock Absorbers skill but I don’t have it in my build and I still hear it.

Yeah, I hear it too although I don’t have the Shock Absorbers skill specc’d. It might just be a bug attributed to the latest updates.

So this is an annoying as hell sound. Any way to change it back with some file-fondling?

It was supposed to only happen when you have Shock Absorbers. Patch broke it in the opposite direction.

I think it used to go away pre patch and they ‘fixed it’ and now applies even without Shock Absorbers. If you don’t spec past Targetting Scope, I’m pretty sure it won’t apply. I skipped Shock Absorbers and Power Fist and it applied as soon as I specced into VC.