Will air juggling be fixed?

Rath and Deandra players are abusing this air juggling mechanic. I doubt this is actually an intentional feature, more likely just some collision issues. Anyways, rath and deandre are both able to knock you up and at that point you literally are permastunned. You can not run, use abilities, attack, anything except watch yourself die. They can 100% hp/shield to 0% you with not counterplay except not getting knocked up.

Hey Devs any plan to fix this?

It also sucks playing as El Dragon trying to do the splash but taking an extra few seconds to fall because allies are below you.

Stuns are bad in all games. WOW turned into a stun/counterstun mini game. There should be hard diminishing returns on stuns if they aren’t going to remove it. Hard stuns or Knockups should only be allowed once per x amount of seconds.


…Man that frustrates me! Especially in a corner, even the smallest of minion can kill Dragon.