Will any of the DLC packs come anytime soon

Been a month figured i could ask maybe… Any news? :mask:

Each Thursday we have Battleplan. If the answer is not there, wait the next week.

Well its been a month and they already had 3 or 4 “hot fixes” plus a major patch and a new character…there already way ahead of most companies in this regard soo just be a little patient I would rather wait a little longer for stuff that has been tested and they know wont cause any problems than to have it now and its not completely done or makes the game unbalanced or buggy


I am patient thank you :mask: A question is a question is all. with all the “bugs” and “hot fixes” it could take quite some time before we even see them all hence why i asked since there is a total of 5 after all.
It was nice they told us Pendes wouldn’t be here for a few months, yet they still showed us to him.

That’s true they might announce something at E3