Will Battleborn have a Free Weekend on Steam in the future?

I REALLY want to try out the game, because I really dig the personality of a lot of characters (OSCAR MIKE!!), but I really can’t afford the price tag if the game just doesn’t rub me the right way.

I mean… if there will be one, do you think 2K/GBX would tell people? Probably not because that would just detract sales as many people would simply wait for the free weekend instead of buying the game.

While I do agree with your statement, on the flip side it might also be incentive for people on the fence or whom have heard little about the game a chance to try the game and become potential customers.

But you are right. It might be far too soon to consider a free weekend. I truly hope they do consider a free weekend, even if it’s half a year down the line!

I do hope they have one as well, I know a lot of my friends would try out the game and probably like it if there was a free weekend. I guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Why would it detract people from buying the game? A free weekend should entice people to come try out the game and make their decision of whether or not they wish to buy it. Just like a lite version on a mobile game or trial version in WOW that gives you up till level 10 or 20.

I believe it could be a good idea if done and marketed correctly.

I would hope they fix a few issues first before they do a free weekend. Don’t want to annoy people who are trying out the game with the few issues the game has. I’d rather have them wait a bit and give Battleborn a little more polish.

They just had the open beta before the game was out, I don’t see a free weekend any time soon

Oh shoot, did they?? I must have missed it then =[ Ah well.

Yeah it was about a week before the game came out

Was it advertised anywhere?? I don’t have any friends whom have played or looked into Battleborn, so I definitely didn’t hear it down the grapevine. But I feel super disapointed for a missed opportunity

Yeah it was put out there, many game sites talking about it, on the website, talked about on social media, of course all over youtube and twitch…

I’m saying if they announced it (a significant time) beforehand that they were having a free weekend it might detract from sales until said free weekend.

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I assure you they should have a free weekend. I know 5 or 6 guys right now that missed the beta that would love to try the game out without needing to fork over $60.

It just makes good business sense. Period.

Or develop some sort of “demo” that is live 24/7.

I’ve never encountered people like that. When someone plays a game during its free weekend, they will either develop the mind set of “Wow, I like this game. I’m totally buying it so I can play it as much as I like” or " Wow, this game isn’t for me. I’m glad I didn’t waste money on this". At least from my observation of gamers. I’ve yet to really see anyone go " Haha, this game is alright. Maybe I’ll just wait for it to go free again to play it again".

Who knows though, maybe there really are people like that.

It’s 80$ canadian here… I make similar wages to folks from the USA, but I still have to pay a premium for brand new games. It’s pretty cruddy! Especially when the competition is cheaper!