Will Battleborn Have a large enough player base?

Before I start, I have to start off by saying this: I love this game. Battle born is a great game designed by great people. My only 3 complaints are that the loot system is awful, the story is unplayable with more than 3 people, and that they are doing more consle exclusives. devs, you gotta learn, NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY A CONSLE BECAUSE THEY GET ONE EXCLUSIVE BATTLEBORN CHARACTER! I am pc too, so I am also getting screwed over by this. Sorry about going off topic, but I did want to express my thoughts before i started explaining the topic so you could understand that I like this game, but not too hardcore fanboy!
My concern about this game is mainly that it won’t have a large enough player base for multiplayer matches to be easy to find and not laggy. In it’s genre, Battleborn is about the second most popular game, first being Overwatch. That right there is the problem.
Overwatch is way more popular on PC, and now that it was announced on consoles, I am sure that it will have domination over Battleborn. Gearbox, you guys are great, but Blizzard is going to beat the crap out of you in advertising. As you said in your video, people don’t remember the name Gearbox studies, they remember the people who created borderlands. I hate to break it to you, that won’t help. Blizzard has made World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo games, and enough more where they will wipe you out.
With that being said, Battleborn and Overwatch are so similar that I think people are going to take overwatch over battle born due to the fact that they just like Blizzard more than Gearbox. If you do compare the games, I do feel battle born is more diverse in characters, but besides that, they are the same. Now, I am having a hard time deciding whether or not to buy Battleborn in addition to Overwatch since Battleborn might not have enough people for multiplayer to survive…

TL; DR:Overwatch was a game with way better marketing and made by a more known studio, so I don’t know if battle born will be able to have enough players for multiplayer.

i am scared as well but i think it will be ok

Truth be told I’ve seen more coverage of BattleBorn than OverWatch
I’ve told my coworkers about both games and the consensus seems to be that they’d rather play BattleBorn than Overwatch
Personally I want both but am leaning more toward BattleBorn

You may think like that, because Blizzard absolutely dominated the streams on twitch, and that’s because Overwatch is pretty much done game since it was announced, while Battleborn still evolving, changing and developing itself. Battleborn has a pretty big interest, but since the game delayed a few times, people got tired and the hype went down. If the open beta will be better than the CTT, the hype will back. I feel like the only problem with Battleborn is the price tag – I don’t know, in most cases, 60 bucks for triple A these days are not really cut-off, and battleborn with his strange UI looks more like a free to play rather than a triple A. And even if Battleborn deserves 60 bucks, psychologically, people are more eased when they have to pay 40 bucks and not 60, for example. I think that if they will manage to swap out some of the price, for say…
40 bucks, that will be better. Or even give the option to buy the game just for the multiplayer for 30 bucks and with the single player together for 60, or something on that matter. As for your worries, Battleborn will have a big community - it’s 2K that publish this game, and not like Evolve, Battleborn has a lot to offer for the players. How big, you’re asking? probably not as big as Dota or LOL, because of the price tag. If they want to go to those places, they have to swap the price-off.

weird i hear about 60 everywhere i bought it for 50 euros

$60 USD. The US dollar and the Euro aren’t exchangeable on an 1 to 1 basis. So 50 Euros is $60 USD.

oh ok my bad

Its not just overwatch, there paragon, gigantic, that other hero based shooter. But I digress.

Community size is almost never a problem for a AAA studio. Will it fluctuate? Yes. Will it collapse? Probably Not. I mean after all Cod , Battlefield, and Seige all seem to coexist. Now what really seems to be the issue is popularity.

Will Battleborn be one of the most popular games of 2016?..No. Can’t sugar coat it, It just wont happen. too much AAA stuff with hype mega trains behind them. However, based on the response in the CTT and the fact that most of the Hero Shooter community does play multiple games simultaneously, I wouldn’t call its status a problem.

In the end, this games survival depends the foundation of its community (every1 on these forums), and the developers ability to bring content and metagame to the players, while still being approachable to newbies.

They can 100% do this, I mean even zenimax is running ESO with a stable population and that game was… at launch.

For your three complaints allow us to put some peace of mind for you. The loot system in place is not bad when you consider that most mobas don’t have one like what is present in battleborn. There are no real passive buffs that you can garner from playing passively the way the game was designed. The closest is LoL. Second there is a solo option which I played through with all the characters inthe cttand it was easily doable. Third, the only exclusive that is available to console is that PS4 gets a couple more weeks of open beta. The extra character is for anyone who plays in the beta which will come to all 3 systems anyone cares about (sorry Wii). Even on a limited closed beta there were so many matches I got into with little to no down time that I think multiplayer possibilities are sufficient to keep people entertained for a few months to years easily outpacing evolve (which I knew wasn’t going to do that well). As mentioned in other posts, I see more battleborn spots for advertising than overwatch. Hope this helps.

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Oh and pound for pound. Gearbox has been great at updating with new content compared to blizzard which has 1 expansion pack for D3 and a couple of minor adjustments.

ign is afraid bb will be overwatched too. i hope the borderlands hype is fulfilled in the campaign. the pvp is doing its own thing, and should satisfy the likes of moba and mmo players, alike. if i was you, i’d check out gigantic: it mae dispel your brand-name thinking and tune you into the actual game itself. imo battleborn is like a lo-fi diy double album and overwatch is a couple top 40 singles, but its all just musesick (rip zune).

Selfish and mercenary response. I don’t give a tinker’s cuss about BB making it as a MOBA. I’ll be buying it for its co-op and solo campaign. I’ll get my AAA money’s worth out of it even if I only do one playthrough with my co-op pals and run a few characters through solo. I suspect I’ll do much more than that.

Forget Overwatch. For me, the comparison is with something like Serious Sam BFE - discrete maps, loads of enemies, boss fights. I’ve played SS:BFE through a couple of times on different difficulties and once in co-op. SS: BFE is on Steam at 30GBP and I’m happy that I got decent value for my cash.

I believe BB is going to have varying difficulty levels. It will have 25 characters for very different playthrough experiences. It will have assorted levelling systems making playthroughs different even for the same character. The downside is only 9 campaign maps vs. Serious Sam’s 12 maps but I suspect more will come. BB is on Steam at 40GBP. I can’t see how it can fail to be value for money.

Of course, I want BB to be a success as a MOBA. That will increase the likelihood of further content on the campaign side as well. But it need not stand or fall just on its MOBA credentials. If only GBX & 2K would start pushing the game’s campaign as hard as the MOBA …


I do know where you are coming from by price, i didn’t mention it though. By community, all I want is for the game to have matchmaking not be a problem until about 5 or 6 months. I was in the CTT, and the matchmaking was awful. Both CTT’s I have played have been like that, so I won’t give them ■■■■. But because of that, I have only played a few Multiplayer matches. So if they do not fix this by the beta, they are totally screwed. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Na’, your worries are for nothing, if so. The reason behind the CTT was to clearfield the matchmaking process. They are using at GBX the microsoft servers for the first time, and thats include those matchmaking problems we had at the CTT. I’m pretty sure it wont be an issue, as long as people are playing it.

Same here. I’m buying it for the story and co-op abilities and not the PvP. I think it’ll do well enough for us to get more story DLCs, so I’m not worried about that.

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As someone currently playing battlefront on the pc, I can safely say buying this on pc will be a big mistake. The playerbase won’t be there. It should be fine on ps4 however, and it gives me a reason to buy one at last so there’s that I guess. Assuming the beta goes well and it doesn’t look like it will be ptw with dlc anyways.

I think there won’t be problems with player base. Battleborn is more like Destiny than any other Hero shooters. In Overwatch there is no PvE and Destiny lack of Heroes, so I think there will be enough palyers especially on consoles. I will buy it for my PS4. The only problem is it’s coming only in May :frowning: it’s a loooong loooong time :frowning:

Lol. You have a PC capable of running one of the most graphically demanding games on the market, yet you by a game on PS4. Also, you bought Star Wars Battlefront. Not only was that the worst game of the year, but no one plays that game. The only reason why it has a player base on consoles is because most people on consoles are console peasants! PC master race knows that the game sucks so they don’t play it. I hate to break it to you, but games that suck don’t get played often.

What does Battleborn being similar to a ■■■■■■ fps have anything to do with it being good? PVE is an advantage, but I mostly care about one thing: the quantity and diversity of the heroes. For an extra 20 dollars, I do not think 4 heroes is worth it. SIngleplayer might be good, but idk.

Hmm. I didn’t think anyone cared about PvE. Just saying don’t play the story with more than 5 people. This should not count as going against NDA since it can be figured out by anyone. The way gearbox games work is that the enemies health scales up depending on the amount of players in the game. For example, borderlands 2 on PC is way harder with 3 people than with 2, even with good people. I would like you to imagine the game with 5 people, how scaled up the amount of health would be. But I digress, if the story is good and the boss battles are fun, it might be worth it.