Will Battleborn succeed in generating a good fan base?

I have been immersing myself in Battleborn quite a bit recently since I discovered the gameplay videos, and have become extremely excited for the game. While looking at other people’s reaction though, I’m seeing a lot of variance, and a lot more negativity than I would have expected. A lot of people are writing the game off because it is not Borderlands 3, or because gearbox “screwed up other games for them”. Overall, what do you think will get people playing this game, and sticking to it? I’m seeing distaste for the art style, I’m seeing “waste of time”, “Mindless hack and slash on the moba cash grab” and a lot of other insults to the idea of the game, that I just don’t see myself. I guess its killing my hype a little bit and I was just curious what other people think when they read the negativity for the game.

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People say a lot of things. I find it odd that people wouldn’t buy a particular game because it’s not another particular game. That seems like a very unusual decision-making strategy, to me, anyway. It’s like saying “I’m not going to go and see Mad Max because it’s not Avengers”. Or something like that.

Also, the gbx haters are going to hate. Let them. It’s their loss.


If the game is good people will play it and the community will grow. People said the same things about gearbox making borderlands as they are battleborn.

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Listening to people screaming on in the internet is actually not a good way to judge the general populations’ opinion of something. I’m sure there are a lot of people who read about the game when it was on the cover of Game Informer magazine and are just waiting for the game to come out. You see a lot of hate for Destiny and Call of Duty online, but those games are selling like hotcakes.


Fair enough, all good points! I just got that sinking feeling for a bit that the game may not get the love it deserves, but I guess we will know more and get better opinions when the CTT and beta come, and hopefully the games potential will be seen more at that time.

A bunch of us have played the demo at PAX and Gamescom and really enjoyed the time we had. It was only a 25 minute demo, but it flew by quickly because the game was fast paced and fun. I haven’t seen anyone here say “I didn’t like the PAX demo, so I am leaving the forums and not buying this game.” I take that as a good sign.

I also played intentionally played Miku, one of the characters I have the least interest in, and still had a blast. I am now looking forward to playing Miku more.


Never gauge public opinion by anything you happen to see in the comments section of YouTube™.


I am aware of that one! But it wasn’t just youtube. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just had a moment of uncertainty is all, you have all helped me rationalize and calm down about it lol, thank you.

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Another rule:
Opinions of others are meaningless, they arent factual and often plauged by disinformation and uneducation.


From what I’ve noticed, people sold on Battleborn only post questions as to what the game will be like. Everything else is just people from other games scoping the competition.

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You can see the same thing if you go back to Summer 2009 before Borderlands was released. Random Kotaku commenters:

And anyway the more I see of this game, the more I’m thinking it’s not
worth my time. First the art direction goes to crap, then I start seeing
actual gameplay and it looks beyond generic


My only problem is that they’re really talking up all the looting and co-op which leaves me very little hope for an actual good story out of this. I’d like something actually serious but I doubt I’ll get it.


And I’m still not even remotely sold on the art style. I can’t stand it personally.


I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about this, but look how Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway turned out.

Somebody’s always going to complain about something, and Borderlands went through the exact same pre-release criticisms. I suspect that Battleborn is going to have a fairly soft release, get average ‘not for everybody’ critical scores, and then see a slow and steady build of a cult following as more and more people see how sweet a console FPS MOBA can be and start proselytizing about it in those same forums. It takes a long time for a new IP and unfamiliar game style to really take hold in popular consciousness, but the reason we’re all here is that something about this game has clicked with us on an intrinsically appealing level, and I don’t see any reason that won’t translate to broader success over time.


I love the Art style, it has personality, and that’s what I value over expensive graphics.


I’m with you, I love the art style. Its new and unique.

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As am I. It’s new, yet familiar.

I thought the rule was:

If you have an opinion on something, regardless of what kind, don’t look at YouTube comments.


One of the cardinal rules in surfing the interwebs.

A primary aid in winning successful checks versus sanity.

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Why would you even pay attention to the negative closed minded people? The game looks great though definitely getting it when it comes out


Hear hear, @rush86 ! Same opinion here. All negative rumors and comments are to ignore. We do not know the game yet, we only know a few bits of story, gameplay ect. So its the same like people ranting about movies after the first teaser. All just hot air^^

I think Battleborn will be able to built up a big happy community.
As for the fact that its not BL3: Why is everyone thinking Gearbox owes us? If they want to release a different cool game first: Hurray!
Nothing is more boring to me than game series made by assembly-line, if someone wants to play a new part every year, go play CoD, or nowerdays AC.
Still pretty pumped for BL3, but good things take time, and we as fans should understand.


Who cares if “they” don’t love it. As long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters. Gaming should be about your happiness not strangers on the Internet’s.

Now it will certainly matter to Gearbox because $$$ but that’s their problem not ours. But like @Derch said “if it’s good people will play it and the community will grow”.

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Also to this day there are plenty of people that still play Borderlands not to mention the sequels/prequels that came out afterwards despite of the negative feedback online. I personally felt prequel got a little boring at points but the game is still addictive and fun to play like Destiny. There is an element that has hard to explain behind the sometimes redundant loot farming and such that just makes the game fun.

Im sure this one will be no different and far as Aliens… I think they did the best they could with a video game franchise that did not have much room for creativity.