Will Battleborn take advantage of the upcoming Steam Summer Sale?

Question is in the title.

With the summer sale coming up next Thursday, or so rumors have leaked, Battleborn applied the most current patch (Still don’t know the official name for it yet,) will Gearbox/2K/“The Correct People” going to capitalize this event to encourage people to spend more money on Battleborn?

I’m not going to fork out extra cash, just as a disclaimer, but it’s not impossible to win more of my time.

So will upper management come up with something to excite the community, like discounts for the upgrade, and discounts in the marketplace so veterans like myself can spend credits and platinum, or is it going to be like the months from late February to early June where nothing happens?

I’m more than happy to offer my time if what I see intrigues me.

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hopes for the best

looks back at all of Gearbox / 2K’s “wise” marketing decisions





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I’m not sure how one leverages the Summer Sale for Battleborn. Boxed PC copies are 10 USD, sometimes less if you look in brick ‘n’ mortar bargain bins.

I suppose they could discount the Season Pass, or better yet, release some new content bundles in Steam, and discount those. Unfortunately, it seems like all Battleborn content purchases tend to go through the in-game store, not the Steam Marketplace. There’s even reports I’ve seen of the Steam-purchased Season Pass not unlocking content properly, and if that’s still an issue, a sale on that could turn things ugly, fast.

I guess my counter-question would be, what would they discount, and how would it get them front-page visibility on the Marketplace? If they could just get seen by Steam users, with a big placard that says, “FREE DEMO, TRY OUT STUFF, FULL GAME IS ALSO PRETTY CHEAP RIGHT NOW,” then I think that would be their best chance. But how?

With the recent changes in sales, due to the incorporation of Steam refunds, every game is going to be at the set discount price from start to finish.

Now with Battleborn being free to try, it’s going to be hard to be on the front page, nor will it show you any discounts if it’s not on your wishlist. Competition is going to be fierce, especially when so many good games came out in 2017.

The discount on the upgrade pack would be relevant to those who had a good time since June 5th 2017, but for me, who is DDE owner, well, I can’t take advantage of that.

That’s why I want to spend my in-game currency, a discount in the marketplace would be well received after the veterans have accrued a lot of platinum and credits. Maybe a free booster for logging in, or do a lootpocalypse, or 3x XP and credit gain, get MD classic again, whatever.

Ultimately, it’s up to the correct people to use the momentum they have right now instead of squandering it. They already wasted plenty of opportunities for the first year, surely they can change that for Year 2.

That’s certainly a good idea, using the Summer Sale as an excuse to try some deep discounts. If they see an uptick in Platinum purchases, then it would be good evidence to keep the rewards flowing.

But I doubt such a thing would ever be implemented, because I’m convinced there’s some suit out there with power over Battleborn that is a stingy-ass Grinch That Stole Happiness. That’s my number one complaint about Battleborn – the real rewards, the return on investment, they just aren’t there.

I am… better than average at the game. Not great, but I get by. Do I get rewarded for that, for honing my skill? Not really. In the end, I feel sort of stupid. There isn’t a pot of gold, and the rainbow I walked to get here? Looking back, it wasn’t as pretty as I thought.

I spent a lot of time in the game. Do I get rewarded for that? It doesn’t seem like it. There was the Founder’s Pack, but I didn’t get anything out of it that wildly enhanced my gameplay experience. There was some Platinum, which I gambled away. There’s the Shard of Solus, which helps me die a little less with Miko. Hooray. However, anyone who bought a $10 copy off Amazon a day before the free trial announcement got all that too.

This was all on my mind this morning, before hitting the forums. If 2K actually wants Battleborn to be profitable, I think they need to stop being such tightwads with the digital goodies. Yes, it will tick off the whales that spend hundreds of dollars to get every skin, taunt, and last bit of XP. But those whales need to realize that, when everyone leaves, they will be flaunting their accomplishments to an empty room.

So, if I had the supreme power, I’d go with something like:

  • 30 free Platinum every day, just for logging in!
  • Half price on all Packs, including Magnus Packs!
  • Half price on select skins and taunts!
  • Log in and finish your daily quests on every day of the event, and at the end, you will get THREE Loot Boosters!

Of course, this is all stuff I’ve seen done in Japanese mobile games, time and time again, and the yen flows in. Why 2K hasn’t caught on, that’s anyone’s guess. It’s probably the usual – people resist change, even when there’s irrefutable statistical proof of a better way of doing things.


So a company that wants to take as much money from people as possible using freemium (mium, latin for not-really,) tactics doesn’t understand the first thing about making the right decisions to make people want to fork up money to begin with.

Maybe you should start telling them which Japanese Mobile Games you play and they should copy their model to some extent after some proper exposure.

If the lack of incentives and return of investment is why people don’t feel like playing, given it all feels meaningless, then GBX needs to tweak the Platinum accumulation through dailies or drop rates in packs to a state that would warrant player retention.

I also suspect that the people that lord over Gearbox also don’t play games. Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty aren’t games you want to imitate…

Well, I think it’s different for each player. While crummy rewards are my biggest problem, they certainly aren’t the only problem.

And I almost certain I’m in the minority, at least on PC. Most PC players I’ve met want the competitive side of the game to become popular and thrive above all else. They couldn’t give a damn about any loot-based incentives to play daily, or Story mode fixes, or Lore, because getting to play with four of their friends against five strong competitors is all the incentive they need.

So that creates a weird conflict of interest, I suppose. PC players that are interested in the entire Battleborn content package will rarely see eye to eye with the the ones that still dream of it being an E-Sports phenom. So who does 2K market to, at this point, to retain players? I want to believe it’s those interested in everything Battleborn offers, but will they stick around when the competitive players have already set the tone?

Yeah, it does feel like 2K is still trying to emulate the greediest systems, especially Call of Duty with the Supply Drops. But of course, without a rabid player base that has reached critical mass, none of these freemium tactics that heavily favor the house are going to work. When it was clear Battleborn wasn’t going to be a runaway hit, and retail copies dipped below $20, I think they should have switched gears to a more generous mobile F2P mentality right then and there.

But I don’t think 2K would give a damn about what works in a Japanese mobile environment, any more than the Japanese give a damn about Call of Duty Supply Drops. Westerners don’t line up around the block for Dragon Quest or Monster Hunter, so there’s no correlation, and so on.

When they announced flair, I thought for a moment they might emulate another Western approach in Team Fortress 2, go hat-crazy, and maybe even open up their item system to trading on the Steam Marketplace. Then I remembered Battleborn’s focus on keeping an isolated shop ecosystem, and realized that sort of change would never fly.

So, circling back to the original topic, because Battleborn practically rejects all forms of Steam integration besides achievements, I think it makes it hard to thematically tie any sales to a Steam event. On the other hand, 2K made a point to show up at the PC Gaming show at E3. If they’re making a stronger commitment to PC, maybe they’ll throw Battleborn into a broader 2K Games sale.

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If another culture utilizes a better business practice or tactics to entice their customers to spend money, if it were up to me, I would spend the time to realize why such a strategy works if the one I use currently isn’t garnering results.

Like you, crummy rewards are a big problem to me, since we can’t be the only two individuals that find this to be an issue. I’m very averse to the idea of wasting time, thus you often find me expressing my opinions very harshly the moment I find whatever it is I’m doing is for naught, since I could’ve been playing any other game and not feel this way.

Flair, in my eyes, is crap. It’s to add another layer of RNG in a loot system that is already RNG to begin with. Battleborn simply does not have the staying power when it comes to grinding compared to Borderlands. I could grind for another 1000 matches and probably still not find the flair that I want. There was someone that recently spent 36K platinum just to get, what, next to nothing out of it. If I could buy that much platinum, I could’ve spend all that money on a lot of new games that are guaranteed to be discounted once the Summer Sale hits. Battleborn asks for way too much money and barely offer much in return.

Back to the original point of my thread, almost forgot I was the guy who opened this topic, the reason I suggested to tie it with the Steam sale is because this is a good time for a lot of people to want to spend some money. Battleborn should capitalize on this instead of doing absolutely nothing like in the Christmas season. Winter Update, like the Late Spring Update (again, don’t know what the official name for it is yet,) are great and all, but they also need to have a good followthrough to maintain whatever momentum they were able to achieve.

Also, there is already sales, albeit more minor, around due to E3. The competition is pretty relentless in an attempt for more people to buy their product, and I don’t see Battleborn having the same sort of hunger.

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Yeah, that’s exactly where I’m at, too. This:

And this:

(Thanks, lowlines.)

I’ve wanted both very much since launch, and I’ve only seem them ONCE, after over 1000 hours, and that was all the way at the very end of the last Lootpocalypse. And of course, they weren’t remotely close to a perfect roll, which is pretty important for both. If the core RNG can’t even provide desired NON-LEGENDARY loot to a player with that level of time investment, then what they heck are they doing adding flair on top? It’s… it’s weird.

That’s what, a little over $200? Yeesh.

You’ve probably read this one already. Granted, it’s old, and marketing tactics have changed a bit since then:

Still, point is, someone bought $200 in Platinum after the patch, and I doubt they were the only one. So let’s say the current player base, across all platforms, is something like 5000 players. If only 5% of that group bought in at that level – so-called whales, obsessed collectors, gambling addicts, kids sitting on a nigh-infinite trust fund, whatever – then that’s 250 * $200. $50,000 bucks. It’s not COD numbers, but it it’s something.

So I can totally picture someone at 2K marketing saying, “We were never expecting these changes to bring any real player retention, or a major new player influx. We were hoping for just a little something extra on the books, and that 50 grand, that’s something. Better than nothing. Keep it on life support, maybe we can do it again in a couple of months.”

Regarding Japan’s practices, I did some looking around, and I like these. The second one’s also on Gamasutra, but this is the writer’s own site:


From the first one:

By this logic, Magnus Packs should be roughly 50 Platinum, if they want to tie it to Daily Quest completion. But they’re, what, about 5 times that much? And like you said, they should absolutely be pouncing on these seasonal events with freebies and discounts, not just promoting an overpriced bundle of themed skins. And while holidays are a big deal in JP gacha games, they pale in comparison to yearly anniversaries… and Battleborn’s just sort of floated by, tragically.

I don’t know who or what is tying Gearbox’s hands here when it comes to promoting this game, but it hurts us all.

As much as I agree with everything you’ve said, all we can hope for is for those correct people to do something to capitalize on this upcoming summer.

I do pray they surprise us next Thursday, it would mean a lot to the player base.

We can go about all day with it, but it would be meaningless if the people in charge don’t take action.