Will Battleborn's Main Competitive Platform Be PS4?

Hey guys,

So I was reading through this thread this morning about which system to play Battleborn on. As I expected, PC won (which I have no problem with as I am actually a PC gamer myself). However, after reading through the comments, without that poll it seems as if PS4 won by a landslide! I play both PC and PS4 and I’m genuinely interested in what the main competitive platform for Battleborn might be.

So for all you that will play Battleborn mainly on the PS4, why do you think the competitive scene would be held there? Genuine question!


Hmmm…it will probably be PC but I do hope PS4 has a huge following. It would be nice to see more competitive games on PS4 that are in actual tournaments and whatnot.

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I’m sure each platform will have its own competitive scene, and trying to identify the “main” or the best platform is fruitless.


I hope it’s ps4!

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The comments being about the PS4 mostly suggests that the PS4 bunch are the chatty ones, I think. I’m sure each system will have enough people to play with.

As for competitive to me it makes sense for it to be on pc, being shooter and all, but it’ll likely have a competitive scene trying to sprout up on all platforms.

I wonder how competitive this game could really be with it’s fanbase divided across platforms.

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I think that if there were to be only one format for a competitive form it would be PC. I say that only because console competitions have been generally less well regarded in a larger esports system than PC. Off the top of my head, consoles have the fighter game leagues (none of which have made any particularly strong inroads outside of fighting enthusiasts) and CoD and Halo, both of which bring in decent numbers but I don’t think anywhere near the level of the MOBA games or even Hearthstone.

With that said, I think that Battleborn is tough to really be compared to the current methods for gaming competition. I think it would be more in line with what Hi-Rez is doing with Smite, which now has different leagues for the PC and Xbox versions of the game and the esport teams have developed full-time teams for the different leagues. I imagine once Hi-Rez has the game up and going on the PS4 they may start up a third league for them. I think the way that Battleborn is being put into the public would better be served by following this format than the existing one, as it is all inclusive and allows for players from all three formats to essentially script themselves in the larger competitive atmosphere.

I wasn’t aware of how Smite had different leagues! That’s definitely interesting and I hope every system has a large amd active player base. :smiley:

I believe it depends mostly on what sort of competition is being discussed. If it is the e-sports sort where players show up at events and sit down and play as part of a team that trains together, PC would probably be the primary platform for that. However, that presupposes Battleborn will be that sort of game, and I am not sure it will be.

I will go out on a limb and say that the PlayStation 4 community will be the largest and most active, and that has benefits when it comes to competition simply because the pool of players is deep enough to have competition. So, for your average player looking for some high-end matches from home, I think the PlayStation 4 might have the advantage.