Will be Powerleveling tonight

I have 2 people (at the moment) that wants powerleveled, so have a opening for 1 or more depending on how far each person wants to raise their levels.

can’t recall if this shows posting time, but I am posting this at 11:30am EST. I will be doing the PLing starting at around 8:30pm EST.

If you want in send a message only. FR’s will be deleted. GT = Name

for info on what else I offer see my help thread just below this post


That is cool of you to spread the help to even more people who may need it.

Well done LunaticOne.

Contact @JoeKGBX with nominations. There is no official process. It is more so;

“_________ is a cool dude. Please nominate him.”

Lunatic has and will always be a Community Badass in my heart, he pretty much exemplifies the spirit of cooperation that I feel the company tries to imbue in to the experience.

He also probably feels totally uncomfortable that we’re talking about him in the third person while he’s clearly here. This pleases me.


@LunaticOne – added to the list! :smiley:


Thank You! Just trying to do what little I can to help.

Thank You

Theres a list :open_mouth: and I’m on it :scream:

Thank You all


There’s a power level method in TPS like the Marcus dummy in BL2?

Yes or at least similar, it is a mission towards the endgame, it is in “Vorago Solitude”, the mission is called “Guardian Hunter”, simply put, the mission is to Capture a set number of Guardians, but if you kill them instead, they’ll keep respawning over and over again. I’ve used that mission in all play modes of the game to powerlevel myself and others to whatever levels desired.

Also Good for farming moonstones and BAR Challenges


Sweet, I’ll have to check that out on UVHM, finished that mission on both modes with Nisha. Oops. I haven’t got too far with any other character, and I’m waiting to get an Xbox One and the Handsome Collection before I buy Aurelia or ‘Jack’.

My favorite way to farm moonstones now:

take your high level dude through the claptrap DLC in normal mode, and then go kill eclipse/eos as many times as you need moonstones. Then splitscreen in another character and have that guy at concordia so you can join in with your moonstone farmer and spend moonstones on upgrades or grinds. Go back out, and farm moonstones again.

As for XP and infinite kills, Vorago’s Guardian Hunter quest definitely tops the cake. The neat thing though is that there are a couple other quests where you can keep killing nonstop. The turret training one is annoying so I usually don’t do that very long. There’s the research and development map where that crazy lady scientist who loves science and brains sends you off to “crit em to get the brain”. I go where the boss stalker spawns, “X-STLK-23” and pummel those guys on their two spawn points. Considering that they spawn on two places this xp farm would best be done with a buddy. The added bonus is getting to kill some stalkers there too.

I’ve found other parts of the game with infinite spawning as well. Guardian Hunter is just the most convenient.

Thanks for the reminder tip about badass challenge farming. I’ll go back to normal mode and p0wn a bunch of those challenges until I can do a badass prestige reset. I still haven’t done one in TPS yet. That’s what I get for playing all 6 characters to max level!

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I can one shot both them each with a level 68 legendary rocket launcher.

edit: because a level 68 gun vs a level 35 anything = dead

yep, that is why I didn’t mention it. the only time I mess with it, is when I’m bringing a new toon up through the story line and will stop there to pound out 3 or 4 levels and pick up a decent amount of moonstone before moving on

@LunaticOne do u powerlevel on xbox360 anymore? looking to get my wilhem to 70 hes 58 atm

not as often and normally not from 58 to 70 (due to massive amount of XP and Time it takes), but I do make exceptions for people on my friends list, when you see me on shoot me a message and I’ll hop over to the 360 and see what I can do.

So, anyone else that wants XP or moonstones, send me a message only on the Xbox Live, don’t know the date that I will be doing this yet, but the time will be between 9pm and 12:30 am EST (2am to 4:30am Europe). I will send an invite when I start,

k thanks and btw he is up to 63 now

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I can also help you. If you want.