Will BL3 Be on Steam?

Looking at account security on Epic and Ubi, I’m not going to play any games on them.

Will Borderlands 3 be available on Steam? I’ve read people who presume it will be on Steam in 6 months after it starts on Epiq, but I haven’t seen anything definitive yet.

I suspect there are plans for a steam release in 6 months. However questions arise with steam’s updates to developer agreements that appear to be targeted at epic currently over buying timed exclusives resulting in a sort of double dip for publishers/developers. I think the specifics say if a game launches on another storefront they would have to also launch on steam within 30 days or lose steam as a platform for that game title forever. Its also a bit gray I think in regards to the existing timed exclusivity agreements and situations of 1st party titles being exclusive initially on the developer/publisher’s own storefront such as EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Blizzard, etc…

Since there are contracts with epic, that would mean that BL3 wont be on Steam ever

2k would be stupid to not release it on Steam when they can because that’s a lot of lost revenue if they don’t.

Yeah, no. Epic has a 6 month exclusive which means anybody who wants to play BL 3 on the PC has to use the Epic store/launcher. After the six months are over, 2k is free to distribute the game to whatever PC platform they wish, which will more than likely be Steam.

The poster above me wrote that steam may have a new policy. Release the game on steam 30 days after launch or you are out. I was referring to that statement.

Its a fairly recent thing I haven’t had a chance to look into too much. Hence the mentions of gray areas. Apparently the article itself isn’t too incredibly specific in its current state either. However it appears to be a measure to put more pressure on developers and publishers when offered an exclusivity deal with epic as epic’s entire lack of features essentially requires them to use exclusivity deals to get people into the storefront that aren’t into fortnite and due to how established steam is with the PC community and its outreach losing the ability to sell to that fanbase through the platform could result in considerable loss of sales.

The 30 days thing probably refers to at least releasing it for pre-order within 30 days. Or not as there is other games that are epic exclusive way over the 30 day mark.

For me, 2k Games will not receive a dime until it’s on Steam. I hope they have an abysmal PC release on Epic to teach them to never sign exclusive deals in the future.

Although I own every Borderlands game on Steam (and the original Borderlands before that), with all DLC (even the cosmetic ones), I can wait to play BL3.

Actually I seem to remember it saying they must release the title on steam within 30 days of the game’s first launch if on a different storefront.

The issue with lack of clarity is that the entire clause is literally 1 small paragraph that sounds like more of an overview or summary and doesn’t go into any very specific details as of yet.

There is no “new” policy, it’s been there for years, some random youtuber decided to make a video of it for the hits, and to prey on steam users gullibility. It will not change a single thing about epic exclusives and delayed steam releases.

You could also make the argument that just as it would be bad for 2K to not release on Steam after the 6 month PC exclusive is up, it would be equally bad for Steam to refuse to add BL3 at that point.


Ah so it appears to be something that is there if they actually choose to enforce it. Because it hasn’t really been enforced it’s mostly been forgotten about until someone dug it up. As for not changing anything it boils down to Valve’s decision to enforce it or not in regard to recent events.

Steam is my platform of choice but their are very few games that are really good that I love. Borderlands franchise is easily in my top 10 and I’ve been gaming since pong came out. It could launch on Satan’s platform for all I care.