Will BL3 on Epic be able to play with BL3 on Steam?

Regardless of if I choose Epic or Steam to buy BL3, it wont change the fact that so many of my friends wont 100% choose the same.

Im concerned about if we will all still be able to play co-op together if we purchase the game on different PC launchers.

Anyone know?


That would be… strange if not true. Both Steam and Epic are, at some level, just the ‘stores’ through which the game is purchased. That they come with their own bells and whistles should be unrelated to inter-BL3 game compatibility.


Thats what id hope, but i know many games actually use steam servers and such for multiplayer functionality. I dont know how compatible that would be with other launchers that dont use that.

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For multiplayer (unless they changed it, which I think is unlikely), one of the four in a co-op session is the host, in which case, I believe they act as the server.

Then they’d probably have to implement some kind of in-game friends list, or do it though Shift to invite people.


If the game has dedicated servers for their PC release then you shouldn’t have any issue to play with anyone you’d like.

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BL1 and 2 dont appear to have dedicated servers…

Would be nice to get some info from GB on the issue for #3

By which you mean co-op is solely dependant on Steam?

i hope so.

Well, from what others have said, it looks as if the actual servers are run by the person hosting the game, but the friends list of who you can invite, is dependant on Steam.


Speaking of which. When can we expect BL3 on steam?a friend suggested next April.

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I’m reasonably sure none of the Borderlands games use a dedicated server for multiplay. The host of the relevant session is the server in this scenario.


What about save data? Does Epic Store has cloud saves like Steam?

It is not confirmed yet. That’s the only reason why I haven’t preordered now. Cloud Save is a must have.

What is so important in that feature?

First: It is an industry standard.
Second: Your savegame is secure even if your PC is in trouble.
Third: You can play on different devices with the same save state. On different platforms even, if supported.
Fourth: You can reinstall/modify your PC without having to save gamefiles first.

Since I am using [online-store that has cloud save implemented] and saving files on a NAS and in the cloud, I never had to think about saving any files. It just happens. I’d be miffed to be bothered by somthing like that again for no reason.


It’s called cross-save, not cloud save :wink:

For the safety part, I hope you know, that you can’t call it a “backup” if you are using only single one.

I can give a couple of personal examples as a PC gamer. I have a gaming desktop PC and also a gaming laptop for when I’m out and about. It’s nice to pick up where I left off. It’s even more important for one of my regular co-op partners. His work requires him to have homes in two different countries and he frequently travels back and forth between them.

If BL3’s save files are as easily accessible as its predecessors, then at least you can copy them off to a USB drive. However, if GBX encode saves and/or make them installation dependent, in an attempt to stop hacking or duping, then that’s a big problem.

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Dear GBX, can we get an update about this topic?