Will BL3 support Stadia / PC crossplay?

I’m tempted to buy BL3 on Stadia, but will I be able to play with PC (Epic / Steam) players then? Or will I be limited to other Stadia players only?

We don’t even know yet if Epic and Steam purchasers will be able to play with one another. Hopefully, there’ll be some announcements on these issues before the game launches in 3 months’ time.

Bump. Now that it’s almost here, any word on crossplay between stadia and PC?

Still no confirmation?

Something for someone else to look into since I don’t really feel like doing it.

I’ve run across some complaints that the Stadia version of BL3 is behind on patches or that they’re actually running an older version. If this is the case we can scratch crossplay off the list until they get caught up. Might also be part of an issue before xmas where someone said the holiday item shift codes weren’t working on that platform as well.